I suppose this was inevitable.

After reading healthy living blogs for over a year, I guess I knew I was going to wind up with one.

There are a few important things to know about me. I am new to “healthy” living; I started my journey about two years ago but didn’t really get motivated (and start losing weight) until a year and a half ago. I don’t always make the best choices; I love beer and fried things and anything you could call dessert. Eating out is one of my favorite things to do. So, a lot of time, my exercising is driven by a desire to “earn what I eat.” I’m not proud of that, but I’m certainly not afraid to talk about it either.

Another thing, I’m not a stellar exerciser. I am excellent in spurts and I love the idea of being an athlete, a runner and a diligent exerciser. I’m not there yet. I’m really hoping that this will keep me accountable (or at least guilt me into working out). I love the feeling when I’m done and my type A personality lends itself to a desire to set goals, complete them and be competitive. This is an effort at being competitive with myself.

So, here I am. I’m looking to live a balanced, healthy life. (I no longer believe in diets. I’ve never had one work for me.) I want to learn to love running and exercise. I want to be good at this. (And looking wonderful at my wedding in 3.5 months isn’t a bad starting incentive.) Bring it on!

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