Mind Games

Running is completely mental for me. I have to be in the right state of mind. Otherwise, it’s harder than it already is.

Knowing that I had 2.5 miles straight staring me in the face after work, I was trying to harness my chi, etc. all day long. I suppose it worked as I champed the 2.5, had a short walking break and then finished my 5k distance with another .25mi.

Two very exciting points from today’s work out:
(a) I am .4 mi away from being able to run a 5k straight without walking, and
(b) My 5k time today was 34:10!!!

Oh yes, that’s right, even with walking almost half a mile, my 5k time is already under my goal. However, I still need to tackle that whole running outside thing. That’s on my list for the holidays. Hopefully by the time I return from Atlanta (a week before the 5k), I will be able to run the 5k outside with no problem.

2.5 today: check! Next workout (Thursday, if last minute errands permit): running 3.1 mi in some combo (either straight or circuit). Time for more mental pep talks!

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