Running Fail

Oh wow.

Yesterday was pretty epic as far as running goes for me. I (stupidly) took a week off in between runs (first due to soreness from my last run, then due to travel to my parent’s for the holidays, and finally due to wedding planning madness). Add to that week of lag time the double whammy that is an indoor work out at my parents: (a) a treadmill with a belt that skips and, I swear, an inaccurate speedometer and (b) the fact that said treadmill of doom is located in the basement (kept about ten degrees warmer than the outdoors).

I didn’t make it half a mile before I was ready to die. My circuits turned into 1.1, .6 and .5 for a total of 2.2 miles. Sad, sad day especially since I wanted to run a 5k distance in circuits. Almost a full mile short.

It was so weird running inside but having the same physical reactions that I get when I run outside. It’s a delightful combo of burning lungs and thick saliva that leaves me with a desire to spit every few seconds. The entire time I was huffing away, I was wishing that I had just sucked it up and run outside. At least then I’d have a legitimate cause for sucking so much.

After a decent amount of beating myself up, I chatted with my running sensei. 🙂 A few pointers later (hey, who knew that drinking water during a run would help?!) I’m ready to tackle the next run. In preparation for my outdoor 5k in about a week and a half, I’m trying to do the rest of my runs outside. I picked a local park with an easy 1 mile loop trail. I have my brand new (!!!) cold weather running gear laid out for the morning. I’m mentally prepping myself. It’s not gonna be easy — of that I’m sure. But, it will be the best outdoor run I’ve ever had, dammit. (Oh, and I plan to hunt down a little water bottle to carry with me.)

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  1. And you kicked ass today! Congrats!

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