At least I can blame it on being outside?

Run 2 while in Atlanta commenced on Christmas Eve at a local park. This was my first serious “training” run and it was definitely a wake up call. Thanks to advice from friends I was fairly well prepared for how to dress/what to expect in the cold. I borrowed a set of adjustable ear muffs from my mom and a squirt waterbottle from my step dad and set off. The first mile was a struggle. Drinking water definitely helped though — both with my overall feeling of well-being and with timing.  I cheated a bit and stopped by the car to drop off my jacket and pick up a pair of gloves. (I also stood around drinking water and catching my breath than I needed to really.)

Mile 2 was a battle. I mentally just didn’t have it. I finish up, stretched and collapsed into the driver’s seat. I was dizzy and not pleased.

Christmas morning, Santa-Mom brought me something that would change outdoor running for me: Nike+!!! Running friends have raved about this tool, so I was super eager to check it out. With a day full of Christmas eating to fuel me, I headed out this morning to test out my new toy and capitalize on my lessons learned from the previous run.

Something clicked. I felt great all the way through the first two miles. Instead of having to convince myself that I felt awesome (the mantra I repeat when I start to feel tired) — I actually did feel awesome. I did a modified third lap (which came in just under a mile) and went back to the car feeling much more satisfied. So, now I’m feeling like I might just be able to run this 5k all the way through come next weekend.

One other weird thing of note: my knees do not like outdoor running in cold weather. I find that they’re pretty sore as soon as I stop. This never happens on the treadmill. I suppose actual outdoor running is much higher impact. Hopefully this is normal…

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