The final countdown

Today is my last run before Sunday’s 5k. The weather has cleared up slightly outside and I saved my ipod from the  freeze screen of doom, so I’m feeling pretty confident right now.

Tuesday I came home from work and tackled the treadmill. It was a little more of a mind game this time. I found myself becoming bored with the treadmill. Up until that point, whenever people told me they hated running on the treadmill compared to outside, I thought they were crazy. Yes, the treadmill is easier, but it’s also more boring. You’re not seeing anything new and you’re not getting anywhere. Boredom and all, my total running distance was 3.25! And, I never once had one of those “I really hate my life, let’s stop running” moments! Victory!!

Two things pumping me up for the run today:  (1) early release from work means I can start my run around 12:45 instead of 5:30, and (2) I bought some new music online and created a running playlist on my ipod. No more listening to T.I. on repeat. His songs were starting to automatically make my legs feel heavy. I’m hoping new music variety will add to my run today.

My only hesitation: water. I’m drinking a lot now. However, I don’t own a squirt bottle. I was supposed to go to the store last night, but getting home late from work nixed that. I’m hoping to run errands after the run and pick up running toys (headband, gloves, jacket, waterbottle, etc) also. However, I currently have to make do with what I have — which is a lot of wide mouthed nalgene bottles. I’m sure I’ll end up wearing more water than I get into my mouth.

One final question — anyone know how I’m supposed to spit when I run? I realized Saturday that it was essential to me actually feeling good on a run. Cause, really, who wants to run with thick saliva floating along in their mouth? I always spit into grass as opposed to hocking huge nasty globs onto the pavement for someone else to step on. However, if anyone has any tips on spitting with “grace” or on cutting back the number of times you need to spit — I would appreciate it. (Hooray awkward running questions!)

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  1. Another benefit to running outside–spit away! During the race, there are more people, so you probably want to watch your aim a little bit, but all the ones I’ve been to, people are more than understanding. Everyone has to at some point.

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