Let me set the stage for you: Sunday dawned a bright, sunny morning. The outdoor temperature was about 22 degrees. However, the constantly blowing winds (gusting over 35 mph) made it feel like 2 degrees. Yes, two. As in, the temperature was lower than the number of miles I was about to run.

Blair was an excellent pacer. Sporting pink and looking jaunty like Running Barbie, she was my personal pep-talker, pacer and countdown. She kept going, so I kept following. There were times I wasn’t sure I was moving anymore the wind was blowing so hard. But I finished. And, despite the AWFUL wind and weather, I finished in 34:53! Yesss — I was under my 35 minute goal!

Blair and I collected our swag (t-shirt, water bottle, chapstick, muscle milk, running stickers, completion medal, and some snacks) and headed out. I rode my high all day. Not only did I conquer the 5k under my time, but I did it in the worst weather I’d run in to date. I think I’m ready to try again — this time with less wind and a higher temperature. What are my odds for Feb 13th swinging more in my favor? I’m trying to talk Tom into running a 5k with me out at Hain’s Point. We shall see what the future holds.

Also, one final note on the race yesterday: just after Blair and I crossed the finish line it blew over. Yes, Blair and I are awesome!

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  1. You did so awesome! I think you’d definitely get an even better time in semi-decent weather. Goooo Anna!

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