Registration x2

Okay, so after an evening of pawing through DC Racing Calendars and looking at race web sites, Tom and I signed up for two races!

* By George 5k at Hain’s Point on 2/13

* GW Parkway Classic 5k on 4/25

Eventually I’m going to need to pick a race with a longer distance. For right now though, I’m content with running a couple more 5ks. However, there is an 8k on March 14 that I’m considering running. My only concern is injuring myself less than two weeks before my wedding. All I need is to twist an ankle, trip/fall/skin up some part of myself, etc. It’s definitely still under consideration though.

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  1. Hey, how would you feel about doing this?

    A quarter-marathon is 6.6ish, so it’s a little bit more than a 10k, but not by much. I need to make sure I’ll be around that weekend, but it looks pretty fun. And we could go out for tasty brunch after!

    I’ll sign up for the By George! today before I forget. It’s so nice that it’s on a Saturday. Hard to find those. And I love running in that park. I’m also very excited for the Parkway; there’s a big group going, and it’ll be so pretty!

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