Sticking like a champ to my new weekly running goals, I hauled myself down to the gym Friday afternoon to pound out a 5k. The run wasn’t the best, but I made it happen. I keep having two problems and anyone with any ideas/solutions/suggestions is totally welcome to make them!

Problem 1: At least once a run I get a cramping feeling either along my collar bone or in my side. I’ve heard there are breathing tricks to getting ride of these. What are they? Anything else I can do to run cramp free? Sometimes I just want to stop because the cramps are so uncomfortable! My legs aren’t tired, I’m not breathing too heavy — it’s just ouchy.

Problem 2: Burps. I’m still not sure how to fuel properly before runs. Sometimes something works wonderfully but the next time I try it, it’s awful. I cannot run on an empty stomach — ideally, I try to have a snack about 1-2 hours before I run. But half the time I end up burping like crazy during my runs. This is not motivational at all! I do not want to re-taste my banana, peanut butter bread, granola bar, etc. What works best for you with pre-run fuel? And how long before you run do you eat?

Hey, at least these are problems because I’m continuing to push myself to run longer and faster. Before, when I would run a mile and quit I didn’t have these problems because my body wasn’t pushing it. However, I’d love to have a run without cramps and burping… seriously!

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  1. Maybe for problem #1, check your running form? If you hold your arms up too high, it can make you cramp at your shoulders, and if you swing them too much, it can make your sides ache. Do you notice yourself leaning to one side? The burping thing, I really dunno.

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