Making good habits

Someone once told me that, to make a habit stick, you need to stick with it for three weeks. Well, count me as 1.5 weeks down. Almost two weeks ago, I made my new running schedule and set new goals (time, distance, calories) for myself. I met them last week and blew them out of the water this week!

I aimed to go running three times and I did. The best part is that I had aimed to run 7 miles with one of the runs peaking around 3.5 miles. (More on the “short distance bad habit” I’ve developed in a minute.) Instead I had: 1.5, 2.88, and this morning 4.15!! Yes, that’s right folks, my longest distance to date! It was  fairly slow — I think it took me about 42:30 to run it, but I did it!

I wanted to run 3.5-4 miles two to three times before the By George! on 2/13. One down! I just decided I wasn’t really going to worry about time and would more just go for getting the distance under my belt. Lately my gym has been really crowded in the evenings and since it’s too dark to run outside (without risking limb and life) I’m limited to exactly 30 minutes on the treadmill. I don’t want other people around me suffering an acute case of treadmill rage like I have! I took advantage of the empty gym today and made that mileage happen!

My new bad habit? Running short distances. I’m THRILLED that I can run 1-2 miles now without it feeling daunting. However, when I do that, I’m not getting the proper amount of cardio. I need to keep reminding myself that I need at least 30 minutes of cardio to lose weight and burn fat. While I am thrilled that running is no longer a beast of burden, I need to stop cutting it short. Running a mile or two is fine if I’m using it for a prelude to weight lifting. But, I need to remember that I should be ensuring that I get 30+ minutes at least three times a week.

To keep myself from getting bored (and hopefully go easier on my knees), I’m taking on THE SHRED again! Oh yes, the twenty minute workout that makes me its bitch. I’m aiming to shred 3-4 times a week until the wedding. I hope to pair it with an additional twenty minutes of cardio or weight lifting. (I also have Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones which I can’t wait to put into use.)

In my ideal world my weekly work out total would look like: three runs (mileage 7-10 miles), 3-4 shreds, 2-3 weight sessions. It’s easy for me to couple a short run with a shred or with weights or shred with weights. Hopefully these numbers will all equal out to four or five work outs a week. (Here’s to hoping the wedding will motivate me since it’s less than two weeks away!)

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