Snow for the win

This post contains a great personal accomplishment and a whole lot of “failure.”

Friday was my regular day off. Tom was off to Vegas for his bachelor party. An inbound major winter storm had canceled my girl’s weekend to Annapolis. I figured the storm would keep me inside for the rest of the weekend, so I wanted to get out while I could. I woke up early enough to beat the snow, but late enough to sleep in. After suiting up in my winter weather gear, I hit the streets. Funny thing about practice runs outside – I don’t hit the wall that I do inside. I get continual bursts of energy. New songs on my ipod make me smile and my feet come off the ground higher. I get tired, my legs burn, my knees ache. But, I seem to not mind it as much outside. (Friday, my motivation was also fed by the fact that running would get me back inside and warm faster than walking would!)

I ran down through Old Town and wound up at the Waterfront as the first flakes started to fall. That was a really awesome experience. I was all at once overwhelmed by how beautiful weather is and the amazing things that I keep finding out my body can do. I turned and headed back toward my building with snow falling faster and thicker. It was really, really fun running in the snow. My total distance was 4.3 miles. My total time averaged into just over 11 minute miles — but that also includes the time I had to jog in place waiting for lights to chance. I swear, those things take so much longer when I’m out for a run.

However, since that awesome run, I haven’t laced my tennis shoes back up. The snow did come and in massive amounts. Old Town recorded right about 2 feet in a day and a half. I’ve never seen snow like that in my life before. So, instead of running, I went exploring. No tennis shoes for me and no nike+ strapped to my arm. Instead, I layered up and left in snow boots. Saturday I spent two hours walking around in the (driving) snow. Sunday, I was out for almost 3 and a half hours (part of that carrying groceries). Monday was another grocery store trip on foot. (Icy roads really deter southern girls from getting behind the wheel of their small, low to the ground, front-wheel drive cars.)

Miraculously, Tom was able to catch a flight back Monday night and only got back a day late. Shortly on his heels, the area was shut down again by ANOTHER storm that started last night and dropped another 10 and a half inches on us. Tom and I did a lap to the grocery store yesterday and helped free a stuck cabbie from a snow plow pile. (You know, I underestimated my efforts at the time — by my shoulders and arms are SUPER SORE today…) Last night we played in the snow and today we even went for a forty minute “jaunt” in our blizzard. It was a little nuts to say the least.

I have been off work since last Thursday and work was canceled for tomorrow. That’s a FULL week since I’ve been in the office. I feel like I should have logged more than one run. I’ve had the best intentions to run Monday, Tuesday and Today. Something about me just doesn’t want to go to the gym. It could be that my hours of traipsing through the snow have taken it out of me. Or, it might be the fact that I know I won’t feel that same enjoyment of running on a treadmill (and running outside is an entirely unrealistic proposition right now unless I want to go to the hospital for a break or sprain due to ice/packed snow). I really, really should run tomorrow.

However, Tom and I have a snow adventure plan and I honestly plan to let that take precedence. Running would be excellent for me. But snow like this doesn’t come around often. I intend to take full advantage of it while it’s here.

I don’t know if the By George 5k will still take place on Saturday. They emailed saying it’s up in the air. I know that if it does take place, I can run it so I’m not too worried there. It won’t be entirely pretty, but I’ll definitely finish. That has also killed my motivation to get another practice run in before the race.

So, here’s to the snow! Once it’s gone, I’ll return to my regularly scheduled runs. 🙂

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