Step away from the cake…

Instead of going out for Valentine’s Day, Tom and I had Chipotle in and made a Valentine’s Day cake with some wine. The cake is as delicious as boxed cakes get — especially because it is topped with (my absolute favorite) funfetti icing!

The cake, and this weekend, have presented me with a little bit of a problem. I haven’t exactly been eating well. Friday night was drinks, noodles&co, and a cookie. Saturday day wasn’t bad but the cake and wine (in moderation!!) weren’t the best end to the day. Yesterday, a good friend hosted a Mardi Gras party at which I consumed two small pieces of sausage, a slice of sourdough bread, several spoonfuls of jumbalaya, a meat pie (as good as it sounds) and a half, a small bowl of homemade bread pudding topped with bananas foster, ice cream and whipped cream, two delicious beers, and two hurricanes. Whoops. Then, today, while my actual meals haven’t been bad at all the two slices of cake I had weren’t a good addition.

Sweets are SO my downfall. I’m instituting a rule for myself that says I have to run at least two miles for each slice of cake I eat. So, tomorrow, if I plan to have a slice of cake after dinner, I need to make sure I’ve run at least two miles. The snow of last week was actually a great weight loss “tool” for me — I don’t plan to let this cake be my downfall!

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