Eating Better?

I’ve got a couple books on my “to-read” list by Michael Pollan. I saw Food Inc. and my curiousity is raised. I’m trying to do better by my body (and thus fuel it better for workouts) but it’s a struggle. I’m breaking some habits that I’ve had for quite a while.

Right now my goals are:

  • Removing fake sugars/sweeteners from my diet. (This means no more diet cokes and real sugar in my coffee. Oh, and it also means I have to get rid of my delicious Yoplait yogurts as they feature both aspartame and HFCS!)
  • Increasing whole grains and fiber. (I learned about the wonders of fiber on weight watchers. I’m trying to be more and more conscious of actual whole grains and higher fiber counts. This is considerably easier than getting rid of fake sugars!)
  • Upping my fruits and veggies. (I need to make sure I’m getting my recommended daily servings. The USDA says we should get at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies daily. I might need to start writing down what I eat again to make sure I’m keeping up here.)

What are you doing to eat and live healthier?

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