Benefits of working from home

My job is full of great benefits (especially the people) and one of my favorites is that on certain days I can work from home! The rest of my team is currently at a conference out of town so my boss approved telework for me Tuesday – Thursday.

Working from home is GLORIOUS for many, many reasons:

  • Sleeping in! Normally I get up at 5:30 just to squeak into work on time. When I telework, I can get up anywhere from 6:30 to 6:45 and that just makes me feel more rested (even when I go to bed later).
  • A fridge at my disposal. Now, this can be a downside when I get snacky. But it also means that I don’t have to pre-pack breakfast, lunch and snacks. Wahoo more saved time and less tuperware to clean later!
  • A gym in my building. One of the things I hate the most about my normal schedule is that getting to the gym is a struggle – it’s always a huge time crunch and I feel like because of the time crunch I’m either starving or I’ve just eaten (neither of which is good). Work doesn’t have a gym in the building and (with the wedding and my student loans) I just can’t afford a gym membership right now. When I work at home, I can take my lunch break in the gym — who doesn’t like that?!

I’m headed to Atlanta this evening for a weekend of wedding prep. This is the last time I’ll be there before the wedding so there’s lots to do! I’ll be picking up my dress, shoes, and veil. My mom will be learning (hopefully) how to bustle my dress. There’s a make up trial (!!!) and a recipe shower (double !!!) I can’t believe the wedding is just a month away.

I’m excited for many reasons: I get to marry the kindest and most sincere man I’ve ever met; we get to throw a sweet party for our friends and family (all the people that have made us who we are and brought us to this place where we can be so good for each other); we get to follow our party up with our first real vacation in years (to Sandal’s at Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica); and, we get some sweet new kitchen tools.

I don’t want to lie: I was so so excited when we registered. Every time that little scanner added a kitchen toy to the registry I ran through all the new things we could make. I absolutely COULD NOT cook before I met Tom. Seriously, we’re talking I didn’t know how to saute an onion. Now cooking is one of my favorite things to do! (Who would have thought!)

There are a few things on my registry that I’m uber-excited about. Say for example this beautiful stand mixer, a food processor (that’s bigger than our current two cup baby), and a foreman grill! I’m daydreaming about the deliciousness we’ll be able to make with our new kitchen toys. Anyone have any favorite recipes they want to share?

Back to work and coffee with me! I’ll update later about my recent gym/workout fervor.

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