In which I discover amazing Gelato

The only thing that could make this Saturday better is a run. (And we’ll see about adding that later…)

I slept in a little and then headed in to town to meet up with two of my favorites (Kristen and Aidan) for brunch at The Commissary. This has been on Kristen’s “to try” list for a while and I was glad to oblige. Not only is the menu delish (separate brunch and breakfast menus, great looking cocktails and a section devoted to smoothies among other things) but the restaurant is green! According to their web site: “We are “Super Green”; wind energy credits, recycled materials as furnishings, and use only recyclable or biodegradable materials throughout. We are in the process of certifying all our restaurants with the “Green Restaurants Association”.” How awesome? Aidan’s take away box was made out of recycled cardboard.

I had their spinach, mushroom and cheese omelet with home fries. The home fries included a delicious helping of grilled onion and peppers. They were delicious. The omelet was light on cheese and very mild in flavor. It left me wishing for a little more oomph. I’d definitely go back though. The atmosphere was cozy and their menu is large so I’m sure I could find another dish to try.

After brunch, Kristen and I bid Aidan adieu and headed two stores down to Pitango Gelato. Pitango is another conscious eatery and, while pricier than I prefer, the taste, quality and values are something I would gladly pay for again. Their products are all fresh (eggs are used the day they are laid!) and from properly raised animals. (No corn fed cow milk here!) The servers are also incredibly, incredibly knowledgeable about their product.

Don’t be overwhelmed when you arrive by the 20 or so flavors on the wall. Pitango is more than happy to let you try any flavor you’d like and they’ll tell you all about them. I ended up with two flavors in my small cup: concord grape and dark chocolate orange (both sorbets). The sweet girl that dished up my treat informed me that the dark chocolate orange is made with 70% cacao and orange zest. My concord grape is made from Pennsylvania grapes — only the smallest, darkest purple grapes according to my server. I devoured my small. Luckily Pitango is close to my work so I cannot wait to go back — especially when the weather gets warm.

The weather is gorgeous today! (I would love it to be ten degrees warmer, but I’ll make do…) I plan to laze around, read my book(s), and perhaps lace up my shoes for a run later.  Anyone else having a lazy Saturday?

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