No music = no run?

Before yesterday, that was how I worked. The only thing that kept my feet pounding the ground were the tunes flowing out of my trusty little ipod. Moving hasn’t been kind to the ipod and thus it was uncharged yesterday. I didn’t realize this until I made it down into the lobby and had finished stretching.

At first, I panicked! I’d be able to hear myself breathing (like a heart-attack victim) and I wouldn’t have upbeat songs to carry me along when I got tired. But, I knew that if I took the time to go back upstairs and rifle around in our boxes for my old ipod, I probably would lose my tenuous motivation to run. So, I decided there was a first for everything and I needed to run!

I headed out on my usual course down into Old Town and to the waterfront. The weather was beautiful and breezy — five degrees warmer and it would have been perfect! The lack of music was surprisingly not detrimental. I think my pace was faster than normal too. If I didn’t have music to entertain me, I wanted to get there and get back! (I super-awkwardly ran with my ipod strapped to my arm and my earbuds in because I really had nowhere else to put it!)

My original goal was for a 5k-4miles. Getting home late from work and being behind on moving necessitated a shorter run. Based on my googlemap calculations, I made it about 2.5 miles. Not the best distance, but pretty darn good as far as I’m concerned for a girl who has never run tune-less before!

No work out tonight as it’s our last night with the old apartment — aka everything has to be out, thrown away and cleaned before we go to bed tonight. So, we’re gonna throw together some dinner — put tomorrow night’s in the slow cooker and make a little moving magic happen!


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2 responses to “No music = no run?

  1. LOL love that you in advertently “pretended” that you were jamming out! Where else would you have put it?! so true!

    I don’t think I could do it… I need the music FOR SURE!

  2. Running without music is near impossible for me. I NEED those distractions because I am not a natural runner who just does it for enjoyment lol.

    Way to fight through it!

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