3 Things I’m LOVING right now…

1. Our new bed. Husband and I have been sleeping (prison mattress style) with our mattress on the floor since we moved a few weeks back. Finally all our credit card point giftcards arrived and I ordered that sucker today! Come next Friday, our new bed will be in the apartment and assembled. Yeah suckers!

2. Tina’s Elliptical Workout. I just discovered her blog (Carrots ‘n’ Cake) the other day. It was love at first click. I adore her pug pictures and her sass. Also, her work outs and eats are awesome. I stole her elliptical interval workout and, for the first time in FOREVER, worked up a sweat on the elliptical. Awesome!

3. Nut Butter Fries and BBQ Sauce. Click that link, read the recipe, buy what you need, make them, eat them. This will change your life. I was so skeptical when Meghann wrote about basting carrots and parsnips in nut butter, olive oil and salt and  then dipping that in bbq sauce. I have no words for how delish this is. I made them last night and had the rest a few minutes ago. Husband loves them too. I totally plan to make another batch tomorrow night. Cannot get enough!

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  1. prison style! LOL So glad you’re getting a new bed! Me and my husband splurged on one about 2 years ago and I think it’s worth it every. single. day!

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