“Walk” of shame

I’ve been not so good lately. Half-trying doesn’t cut it when your goal is a healthy lifestyle and a healthier body. You can’t be half-healthy. After the wedding, I fell back into the mindset of “treating” myself. In my mind, I could order whatever I wanted at restaurants because (a) eating out is a special treat and (b) whatever I choose would be worlds better than what I would have picked out a year or two ago. (Loaded Nachos from Champp’s — I’m looking at you.)

Also, I fell hard off the exercise wagon. The lack of gym and portion control has led to me gaining back about seven pounds in the past two months. I’m pretty ashamed of that.  I’m SO CLOSE to 150 and that’s a number I swore I would never see again.

I clearly know how to be healthy and successfully lose weight. I just need to get back to basics. Excuses, treats, general shenanigans — no more. I still have to get through my birthday this week. I’m going out with friends and co-workers to happy hour on Wednesday; that is my last splurge. And, I will be doing everything in my power to “make up” for that. So, what’s my plan?

  • Re-evaluate my portions. (Use smaller plates, remember guidelines on serving sizes.)
  • Track my eats. (Sparkpeople, we’ll be spending some time together…)
  • Work it out. (At least three cardio sessions a week, for now. I’d love to say five, but I’m kinda starting over here and if I’m over-ambitious, I’ll just give up. Soon, I’ll work weight training back in.)
  • Just say no. (My office is filled, constantly, with treats. This is not that last chance I’ll ever have for a slice of cake, bagel, cookie, etc.)
  • Drink in moderation. (Aside from my birthday, week night drinks will be limited to 2 a week. Cutting alcohol really helps me cut my weight.)
  • Eyes on the prize. (I’m going to the beach late August or early September. I don’t want to be embarrassed about my body – I’ve been down that road before.)

I’m setting all this in motion today. Pre-cooking some week night eats (no more “let’s just eat out” excuses). Today I’m making Creamy Onion Chicken (adapted from a “Brand Name Chicken” cookbook Husband owns) and a TON of peanut butter carrot fries. Tomorrow, I’ll be trying out a Creamy Italian Chicken Slow Cooker recipe from Real Mom in the Kitchen. Instead of rice or noodles, Hubs and I are going to try it out over quinoa.

What’s your favorite, healthy go-to meal? And, how do you get back on track?

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