Baby Steps

Here I am — back so soon! While I didn’t work out yesterday, I was super pleased with my dinner: both in terms of flavor and staying power. I mixed together brown rice, red kidney beans and a broken up veggie burger and then tossed it all with a little alfredo sauce. It satisfied my savory craving, got in some whole grains and some veggies!

I spent the evening on the couch with the hubs. He has a paper for summer school so I plugged in my work laptop and watched the Netflix selection I’ve had forever: What Happens in Vegas. I am so, so bad about getting Netflix movies and just not watching them for the longest time. However, I reminded myself over the weekend that we’re paying for this so I might as well use it. We’re also figuring out how to stream movies live off our XBox — I’m looking forward to that! What Happens in Vegas is your typical romatic comedy. Obviously I knew how it was going to end, but I still definitely enjoyed watching it and some parts had me laughing out loud. Up next on my queue is another potentially horrible (but good) chick flick: Made of Honor. Yep, the hits just keep on coming!

I had planned to spend my evening reading but I just CANNOT get into the book I’m trying to finish right now: The Elegance of the Hedgehog. I mean, it’s  New York Times Bestseller and I’ve heard rave reviews about it so I picked it up from the library. I even renewed the silly thing — had I known how atrocious it would be I wouldn’t have wasted my time. I seem to have a very hard time stopping once I start reading a book, so I’m gutting it out through to the end. The book just seems snobby. Not the characters themselves (however, they are VERY snobby), but the book! I don’t know if it’s because it was translated from French? Or maybe because the author is a student of philosophy. Both characters are highly pretentious and full of thoughts and ideas that rarely make it out of college text books. I thought it would be an entertaining story of human interaction; instead I’ve landed slap into a pile of people judging other people without knowing them. I get enough of that in my everyday life personally. Maybe the final 125 pages will redeem it, but my hopes aren’t high.

Due to the excessive heat, I am working from home today. I’m glad that my boss understands my intense distaste for business clothes once the temperature hits the triple digits. Seriously, I thought I lived on the border of the North Eastern United States — I didn’t think I was in Arizona. It’s killer outside so I’m at home in the AC. That means — LUNCH HOUR WORK OUT! I wish I could do this every day, but sadly the closest thing my work has to a gym is the stairwell (which I make do with sometimes).

I’m on the last few sips of my coffee, so I’ll ask a question I’d really love to know the answer to before I head off to do some serious work. How do you store and post blog pictures? I want to share, but WordPress tells me I’ve almost used my quota of storeage space. Do you use an outside source (flickr or other) and then somehow link in your pictures? Help!

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