Attending to necessities

Another successful day! Working from home makes it so much easier to eat well and work out. I don’t have to spend extend periods of time pre-planning and packing what I think I might want for lunch the next day. Nor do I waste an hour and a half every day commuting. More sleep = more productive Anna. And, the access to a gym (as previously mentioned) also makes me a very happy woman!

During my “lunch break” yesterday, I spent 40 minutes on the treadmill. During that time, I ran 1.5 miles at an average speed of 6mph. I also spent some time walking hills/inclines for an additional 1.7 miles. The run definitely got my heart rate up and turned me into a champion sweater. I’m finding that while my lungs and heart don’t exactly like running at 6 or 6.2mph, anything slower makes my legs feel like stone. So strange. While 6 is still fast for me, I think it’s a more comfortable speed — my lungs and heart will learn to deal! Looking forward to another lunch hour workout today too.

I repeated my rice, beans, alfredo combo for lunch (just sans the veggie burger this time) with a side of tortilla chips. Delish! I met two friends for happy hour/dinner at California Pizza Kitchen last night and enjoyed half of the Greek Pizza. It was delightfully covered in lots of diced veggies and avocado. (You can sub grilled chicken for avocado — definitely hit the spot). There was even a little drizzle of Taziki Dressing which I LOVED!

I’m rocking my awesome, crooked glasses this morning. My contacts started bothering me Tuesday after work. I only have one pair left so I need to get in to see an eye doc and order some more contacts. The office opens at ten, so I’ll be calling them up. I am reticent to put in my last pair of contacts before I have a set time to get more!

The other thing burning up on my to do list is my car. Baby needs an oil change and her annual inspection so I can update my tags. Three cheers for being an adult, right? I suppose that means I also need to make my way into a Verizon store sometime soon so I can extract myself from my parents’ phone plan. That’s the last thing they still pay for so I guess it’s time to fully cut the cord. Ha ha!

I’m off to put in a little more productivity before my work out. Anyone with photo tips (see my previous post) is more than welcome to leave them here! I still need helps!

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