The glorious incentive to working nine hour days is that I get every other Friday off. Tomorrow is one of those days off and I cannot wait to sleep in. I’ve been treating my poor body horribly/not nearly getting enough sleep lately. Tomorrow, I plan to treat my body well. Also in my plans: pedicure! It has been over a month and my tootsies are begging for some love.

Monday was a good day for eating and for working out. I did 32 minutes of incline intervals on the treadmill and covered 2.06 miles. Prior to picking Hubs up from class, I grabbed two new library books: The Captive Queen (about Eleanor of Aquitane) and The Lonely Polygamist.

Tuesday Hubs and I tried out a new recipe! We made mini meat loaves guided by a recipe in on of the Cook’s Illustrated/Test Kitchen “Best Of” cookbooks. To make it healthier, we modified the meat content and subbed meatloaf mix (usually fairly fatty pork and beef) for 90/10 Pork and 99% fat free turkey. Delicious and I had NO idea the meat was any different upon taste. I’ll post the recipe later. I can also vouch that the leftovers are incredibly tasty — potentially better than fresh from the oven?

Wednesday I started to drag, big time! My body is so tired in the mornings that it makes me feel sick. So need to get to bed earlier! Luckily I’m firmly in the habit of exercising for at least half an hour on the nights Hubs has class. AfterI got home, I trekked down to the gym and powered through 37 minutes of intervals on the elliptical. I love intervals because they really break up the work out and keep me from getting too bored. We had yummy leftover meat loaf with mashed creamer potatoes and tried to make banana softserve (of blogging world fame). It was pretty yummy and I liked the consistency (I had NO idea frozen bananas could do that) but I think we added a little too much vanilla and it gave it a weird taste. I’ll try again another time!

Today I am meeting up with a friend after lunch to see Eclipse for the second time and grab dinner. I’m looking forward to a girl’s night!

Our new Foreman Grill arrived on Tuesday:

I plan to play with that baby this weekend! Speaking of this weekend, Hubs will be writing a paper all weekend long so I want to spend some quality time in my kitchen! On my docket: Kelly posted a delicious sounding, healthy-modified version of Paula Deen’s slowcooker Mac and Cheese that made me drool while reading about it. I want to give that baby a go! Meghann also posted about making pasta-free lasagna using squash. (Can you guys tell I’m craving cheesy, gooey Italian food?) I also would like to find/try out a casserole or two (perhaps one for breakfast). It’s going to be a cooking-crazy weekend!

I’ve been reading away as well! I finished up My Name is Memory by Ann Brasheres. I wasn’t crazy about it – it’s an intricate story and parts of the plot felt rushed. Also, the ending totally disappointed me! I’ve started reading The Captive Queen by Alison Weir — she has written about Jane Grey and Queen Elizabeth as well. I enjoyed those two fiction works but am so far finding her latest book a little stilted. The prose doesn’t flow as easy and conversations are a little weird. Also, there’s a TON of what one character refers to as “bed sports.” I also picked up a book at work: Cyber War by Richard Clarke. In college I read his book on terrorism/counterterrorism (Against All Enemies) and loved it. Cyber War has a decent nexus to the work I do on a daily basis and deals with the loaming threat of cyber terrorism. I’ve been reading it when work is slow but it’s written in an accessible style (not at all like a text book) and I’m enjoying it.

My coffee is almost done, so I suppose I should gear up for some document analysis! 😉 What’s on your agenda for the weekend?

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