Oh hi, Monday!

I have the “Manic Monday” song in my head! I wish Pandora worked here at work so I could find another tune to mentally hum.

We had a super thunderstorm last night. Parts of the area still don’t have power and enormous old trees came down. I loved watching the storm and it broke up the monotony of my work out quite nicely, but I hate that the same storms I enjoyed caused a lot of people stress. Regardless, it was beautiful!

Hubs actually joined me for a work out last night. He only stayed to lift weights for fifteen minutes but that’s a huge leap from me begging him to come work out with me and then ending up alone in the gym. I like having a work out buddy so hopefully he’ll be back more! The best part of his work out was when he decided to use the jumprope. I could see him behind me thanks to all the mirrors in our gym. (Yes, the same mirrors that make me self conscious about stretching/touching my toes cause everyone can see my butt no matter what — finally these mirrors redeem themselves!) Four or five jumps in, he almost loses his pants! Hubs works out in some old gym shorts. These things are legendary. This particular pair lost their string tie about a year ago, so there’s no way to keep them up. Hubs almost mooned the gym and I about fell off my treadmill laughing!

I enjoyed 47 minutes on the treadmill for a serious hill interval workout. I burned 365 cals and walked 3.14 miles. My legs were jell-o like afterwards; it was a nice feeling.

We dined on big kid mac and cheese last night. It was delish! I’ll have to take a picture soon and share the recipe. Hubs went back for seconds (hooray for not failing at cooking) and we both enjoyed monster salads. We spent the rest of the evening together on the couch — Hubs playing Fallout3 and reading for me.

I finished Alison Weir’s most recent fiction work, The Captive Queen.

I know I mentioned in a previous post that I liked her first two books but  I just COULD NOT get into this one. I never really related to the characters so I had a hard time caring about what happened in the book. It just felt like the same thing over, and over, and over. Oh, she’s a prisoner (in some way, shape, or form)! Oh, now she’s free. Things start to go south and wait, she’s a prisoner again. I dunno, just didn’t feel it.

I did start a new book though! Fifty pages in and I’m already enjoying this book more than the previous. My current selection is Brady Udall’s The Lonely Polygamist.

Udall is very much a storyteller. Hopefully he’ll keep me hooked for 600 or so pages. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Today definitely feels like a Monday. I’ve drained my iced coffee and really want another. Probably not a good idea but we’ll see what wins out. I’m sitting in on a meeting to cover for a few team members this afternoon and I don’t want to snooze during that. Sleeping during meetings usually prohibits me from effectively taking notes! Plans for today also include a short and sweet work out after work and trying the noodle-less lasagna tonight. For a Monday, I guess this isn’t too bad. 🙂

What’s on your plate this week? Anything exciting coming up?

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  1. I HATE when I can’t get into a book – nothing worse! 😦

    hehe Mine works out in old shorts too! i”m like dude- spring for some new shiz!

    I have friends in town tonight (yay!) and am leaving for a bachelorette party in Charleston Friday – woo!

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