Time to start the weekend!

Our friends are throwing their annual luau this weekend and I cannot wait. Last year was pretty epic. There was an Alton Brown Ham devoured (I think Hubs gnawed on the bone for a short while), a blow up palm tree was involved, and homemade mojitos were consumed. I need to hit up a dollar store for a grass skirt and a lei. Okay, down to business…

I hit up the dreadmill at lunch for 62 minutes and walked 4.11 miles. It was nice to feel sweaty and tired afterwards! Hill intervals always kick my butt. However, the treadmill I was on was making some funky noises. Like, I would increase or decrease the incline and it would make a crunching noise every once in a while and jolt. Not fun. I almost jumped off the treadmill and moved to another one but they were all full. Oh well.

Hubs and I decided we wanted to eat out for dinner. So, after countless recommendations, we tried BGR in Old Town. Hubs went with the Southwestern Burger the cashier made a VERY enthusiastic recommendation. I went with the standard burger with cheddar cheese and had them add mojo sauce (their house seasoned mayo), lettuce, onions and pickles. We each got an order of regular fries. Hubs said his burger was super spicy; he likes that, but he said that they should give more warning in case people don’t want their mouth on fire. My burger was good, but I dunno if the meal was worth $15. The fries were excellent though – I would totally go back for fries again. They also make sweet potato fries and asparagus fries? Hah, maybe next time I’ll just try all their fries. It was a nice splurge but I definitely felt a little too full when I left. Hubs and I were both full through this morning – that sucker had staying power.

I started out this morning with a delicious, free cup of apartment coffee. (I swear, things taste better when they’re free!) I followed it up with a delicious bowl of one of my favorite Kashi cereals: Honey Sunshine. Yum yum. After that had time to settle itself down, I returned to the dreadmill again. I spent another 62 minutes on the same creaky treadmill and went 4.15 miles — I burned over 500 calories! Love those intervals. My legs are so, so tired! The intervals make the hour go by so fast.

Hubs and I have plans tonight to meet up and go out for dinner again. (I know, right, twice in a row!) We’re using a living social deal that we bought for this place in town called Sticky Rice. Apparently they have delicious tater tots; I can’t wait to try them! The neighborhood is a little shady, so I’m  hoping we make it out of there at a decent time of night so we’re not walking back in the dark. We’ll see. I’m just gonna enjoy our little date night and if we need to, we’ll call a cab.

Did anyone else see the premiere of the new season of Jersey Shore? I’ll admit, I DVR’ed it — this show is so horrible but I just can’t not watch it!


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2 responses to “Time to start the weekend!

  1. asparagus fries?!! Wow!! That sounds fabulous! And I would probably order what your husband ordered, because I love ultra-spicy stuff.

  2. You made my night, girl, with your comment. I’m so glad you found me too! Had I known you were looking, I’d have found you sooner 🙂

    Um, can I come to that luau?

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