Oh no John Daly, never again!

Greetings and Happy Monday! I’ve had my huge cup of French Vanilla coffee for the day and I’m raring to go (until at least 10:30am).

Where did I last leave you all? Ah, yes, Friday afternoon. Hubs and I ended up nixing our plans to dine at Sticky Rice and chowed on leftovers at home instead. Hubs wasn’t feeling the best and everyone knows you need proper rest and good health to appropriately enjoy a luau. (Because you most likely won’t feel well rested or healthy afterwards.)

We’ll fast forward to the luau. To show our appreciation and thanks to our host, we brought along banana bread muffins (sans walnuts, cause I don’t like them) and two of the finest drinks the adult beverage world has to offer: Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill Wine and MD 20/20 in Red Banana. We are klassy. Dan and Kelly are the consumate hosts and had a spread of delights. Other folks brought drinks too. The total feast ended up like this: Alton Brown’s Heavenly Ham (it involves spritzing the ham with bourbon and covering with ginger snaps – holy yum), meatballs, cheese and crackers, homemade cantelope sorbet, pineapple upside down cake, and homemade corndogs. None of it really diet friendly, but really wasn’t expecting it either. Drinks consisted of a John Daly (which, unfortunately for me, tasted nothing like the sweet tea vodka inside it), homemade sangria, vodka drink (sparkling lemonade, sliced lemons and limes, and vodka – duh), and our ever klassy beverages.

The night involved an early 90’s dance party, assault via blow up palm tree, and a whole lot of eating. Everyone managed to keep it together (and not act a fool) on the train ride home. I promptly fell asleep when we arrived home at 2am (this is seriously past my bed time) and awake around 5:30 am not really enjoying my life. As a thanks for all the sugary drinks and rich food I consumed, my body was very vocal about its displeasure. There was a lot of me writhing in the recliner, watching Nick at Nite (Cosby Show!), and promising to never drink again. Hey, but at least I didn’t have a headache!

To reward my poor body, and to get right with life, Hubs and I made a delish and healthy dinner. We each got our own cuts of fish (given my prediliction for non-fishy tasting fishes), some kale, and extra quinoa. I marinated my piece of tilapia in this delicious citrus herb marinade that is (sob) almost gone and cooked that baby in the oven. Our kale was sauted and then steamed with olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and a little bit of butter. (I have discovered that kale and I are not really friends.) We rounded out of plates with quinoa cooked in low sodium chicken stock. Yum! Quinoa may be one of my new favorite additions to a meal.

So, now it’s Monday morning and I think my body has forgiven me for my weekend transgressions. It’s also August — how did that happen? I eeked out 1.2lbs of weight loss during July — which is pretty shabby. I’m aiming for at least four in August and hope to start tonight with a nice jaunt on the treadmill.

Hubs and I are also going back to Atlanta on Thursday night for a long weekend visiting friends and family. Monday is my Mama’s birthday so I wanna be there for that. I’m really looking forward to visiting some of my favorite places, seeing some of my favorite people, and meeting my (sorority) “big sister’s” new puppy.

I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a good week!

What’s the most deceiving drink you’ve ever had? (As in, “wow, I’ve been drinking this like water.” Or, “When did the room start spinning? Oh, wait, this had alcohol in it?!”)

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  1. Remember. A loss is still a loss. And what really matters is living life and taking care of yourself. Sounds like you had the perfect balance of those two this weekend. 🙂

    And are you from the Atlanta area? If so, I am too!

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