Grump, grump, grump

It’s Friday, but I seem to have found myself in a funk. I have plenty of reasons to be happy today, but I just need to grump for a few minutes.

Why am I a grump? Money and weight. Too little of the first and too much of the second. I feel like I’m constantly on a budget, always the one counting pennies. My work friends go on so many trips (I swear, one girl has gone somewhere every weekend since May started) and it’s hard not to get jealous. Going to Atlanta was wonderful and I’m incredibly appreciative that we got to go. I just wish we could take a vacation this year. I know, I know, we just got married four and a half months ago and spent a week in Jamaica. I should be satisfied with that. Somehow, traveling a little only makes me want to travel more. (Travel bug?) We’re cobbling together a three night trip to VA Beach in late September (once peak rates have died down) and I’m really looking forward to that. I just need some time away. I suppose I’ll be pinning my hopes on an extended trip to Atlanta around Christmas and then our anniversary trip sometime in March or April.

Hubs and I are doing our best to be good, fiscally responsible little adults. School makes it hard though. Between paying for his tuition (thank goodness for in state!!!) and paying off my loans (gag), we’re “losing” more than a grand a month. Yes, it was our choice to go back to school. It was my choice to take out loans. I knew what the consequences were when I picked GWU for my masters program. But, that doesn’t make me any less whiney occasionally. I suppose just about everyone could say their life would be easier with a little more money.

Weight has also been on my mind. I feel like I’m just slugging along and not getting anywhere. I was down to 150 at the start of the month. I got on the scale this morning and it said 153.6. I’m so ashamed to write that out. So ashamed. I thought I was making progress. It could be that heavy dinner I had last night that’s just weighing me down this morning. Or, perhaps my breakfast cheesecake is catching up with me. Regardless, I feel gross.

What brought all this to a head? What made me a super grump this morning? DC Restaurant Week. Normally this is one of my favorite events of the year. Once in the summer and once in the winter, a collection of amazing, delicious, and normally (astronomically) expensive DC Restaurants get together and offer a sweet deal: three course lunch for $20.10 (+tax) or a three course dinner for $35.10 (+tax). It’s glorious. Hubs and I look forward to it twice a year!

Restaurant Week is next week. And, I will admit, I’m excited. Who doesn’t love a chance to eat at yummy places on the cheap(er) side?! We have plans to visit SEI for dinner with friends, Jackson 20 for a date night, and Againn for lunch with friends. All will be delicious and I can’t wait to try these places. However, once you add it all up and factor in tax and tip, I’ve spent 3/4 of my weekly budget! That doesn’t include groceries or the happy hour I’m supposed to go to with an old friend from HS. Whoops! Looks like next week is gonna be on the high side. Oh, and the bachelorette party (co-ed) that is going next weekend also and is going to cost $75/person plus drinks. (Renting something known as a “Keg Bus” and riding it all around DC.) I think I also forgot that friends want to take a trip to an awesome speakeasy in the area: PX. I’ve been dying to try it out so if we manage to get reservations I don’t think I’ll be able to decline…

Yeah, so next week is going to be awesome. Busy, but awesome. Oh, and expensive. These are ALL things that I really, really want to do (and have been wanting to do for sometime) but *insert whine here* why do they have to come all in the same week?! Oi! Also, while my wallet will be super skinny next week, the events leave me worrying about my waistline. I doubt that Restraunt Week kitchens are worried about calorie counts and fat content. And, even if I have just one or two drinks at happy hour, the bachelorette, and PX, I’ve still racked up quite a few more calories.

I’m trying to think proactively (instead of just being a complete whiney mess). I’m trying to save about 1/3 of this week’s budget to carry over to next week for a little cushion. Hopefully I can scrimp the last week in August too in order to balance out any extra I might go over. I’m planning to be frugal (but healthy) at the grocery store for next week. (I’m in training W-F, so I have to bring unrefridgerated lunches: hello apples, bananas, carrot sticks, cucumbers and a baby PBJ sandwich!) I also have plans to work out every day but Tuesday. Training starts later than work normally does for me (by an hour and a half!) and is much closer to where I live (cuts about 20 minutes off my commute). That means that even for the days I have evening plans, I can still get up later than I normally do and get a work out in. Score! Hopefully my penny pinching and my added in work outs will help me combat my (awesome) week next week.

Bah, just as I was finishing this post, I got a smack in the face. I really need to work on my grumps and priorities. A sorority sister just found out that she is pregnant (!!!) — she and her husband have been trying for a while. However, her husband also just found out that he has cancer. Heartbreaking. If you pray, I would appreciate it if you lifted these two wonderful people up. If you don’t, could you send positive thoughts their way?

I’m off to try and de-grump myself. Hopefully between venting and getting a priority reality check, my grumps are on their way out the door. I have countless things to be thankful for: health, a wonderful family, a kind and adorable husband, amazing friends, a roof over my head, a gym to work out in, a job to pay my bills, a library to encourage my book addiction, a reliable car, and it goes on. If I’m less grumpy later, I’ll be back with a happy post. One that will, no doubt, include deets on last night’s yummy Vietnamese dinner, the latest book I’m reading, and my Wednesday night workout.

Wow, feeling less grumpy already. (Thanks for “listening.”)

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