Y’all, I’m excited about this week! I’ve completely gotten over my grumping and whining about money and calories. Life is wonderful and I’m going to appreciate it. Also contributing to my good mood this week: trip to the Speakeasy was canceled due to lack of reservation AND bachelorette party shenanigans are on track to be cheaper than planned. Thank goodness for holding onto every penny I can!

I’m on track with my exercising and planned good eats for the week too! I hit the gym Saturday for about 45 minutes: 35 minutes on the elliptical (1.88 miles) and just over 200 cals plus 10 minutes of upper body weights. Then, Sunday, I was back again for 45 minutes of intervals on the treadmill (3.02 miles and 350+ cals). Definitely happy with this so far. I’ll be working out this evening before Hubs gets home and because my work schedule will be slightly different tomorrow as well, I might be able to sneak into the gym tomorrow am. We’ll see though, I don’t want to burn my body out.

Hubs and I hit up the grocery store yesterday for some good eats. (I realized this morning I forgot an onion for my curry though — boo, looks like I’ll be headed back soon.) I’ve got some leftover Chipotle for lunch today. I love getting a veggie burrito bowl with 1/2 the rice and making two meals out of it! When training rolls around, I’ve got the fixings for a yummy (unrefridgerated) lunch: PBJ, carrots, cucumber, and an apple for dessert. I also grabbed a box of low fat cheese-its to satisfy my salty tastes.

We had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Saturday evening a few friends came over and we made spare rib pasta. It’s one of my favorite things that Hubs makes. We had leftovers for dinner last night! Kelly and I left the boys to play video games while we wandered Barnes and Noble for two hours. Somehow neither one of us spent any money. We definitely picked up and put down about a dozen books each though. I have sooo many books to read (from the library and my “to read” shelf at home) that I have to convince myself not to buy anymore until I make a dent in my stack!

Yesterday, Hubs wasn’t feeling so hot after quite a few video game beers. We slept in a little, grocery shopped, and “nested” on the couch. We love to drag a bunch of blankets onto the couch when it’s chilly in our apt and snuggle in! The gray, rainy weather yesterday gave us the perfect excuse. We even pulled our fluffy comforter off the bed in the name of our cause. While we huddled under blankets, I finished The Island and read some more of Freakonomics. (Review soon for The Island!) I started Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner (author of Good in Bed, Certain Girls, and other books) this morning on the train.

I suppose it’s time for me to get back to struggling with work this morning. My little division is made up of three teams that are consistently at different stages in our projects. My team is at a point where we aren’t as busy as the other two teams, so we’ve been drafted to help out a little. Helping out = typing up meeting minutes from various interviews. The only problem is that I cannot read the two sets of notes I have. This is nuts! I literally feel like I’m trying to read another language or something. I usually write fairly neatly, even when taking rushed meeting notes. However, after trying to decipher these I am even more committed to making sure my notes are easily readable in case someone else has to type them up. I’ve been at this for about two hours and I’ve made it through about two hand written pages. I feel like this might be a long day?

Can other people read your writing? Or is it scribble scrabble? 🙂


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2 responses to “Illegible

  1. I too do the “two meal” Burrito bowl at Chipotle . . . dinner + tomorrow’s lunch. Can’t beat it.

  2. My writing looks like a third graders – it’s pretty lame. You can read it but you’d never think it’s the result of a 28-year-old’s handwriting!!

    Nice job on all of those workouts lady – I love Jennifer Weiner – can’t wait to see what you think of the book!

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