Being Mindful

This week, I’m setting a goal for myself: to be entirely mindful of what I eat. I need to set myself up to make good decisions. Pre-planning helps with this as does packing breakfast and lunch for work. But I’m not always in a situation where I can pre-plan: for example, Kelly’s birthday wine night.

I’ve noticed that when I’m bored or buzzed, I tend to consume quite a few calories — usually far more than I think I have as well. “What? I’ve only had 12 meatballs, six cheese stuffed dates, 15 cheese and ham wrapped pickles, and a hanful of tostitos. Oh, wait, I guess that is a lot…” I need to curb my grazing. I’m making an effort to stay away from alcohol for the next two weeks (a pumpkin beer here or there aside) to try and put some good habits into place. I don’t need to drink those calories and I never make good choices after a beer or two. All things cheese covered and/or fried immediately become options in my mind. Whoops! I need to re-train my brain.

I also need to break my dessert addiction. I read in Omnivore’s Dilemma that the human body has two key food impulses: attraction to sweet (our bodies associate sweet with high carb/high energy foods) and dislike of bitter (normally this is a sign to our bodies that we shouldn’t be eating something). This is why dessert comes at the end of a meal — you’re more likely to “make room” for something sweet because your body associates this extra food with extra energy. Not really the case with what I eat for dessert. I need to really break my cycle of always wanting dessert. So, for the next two weeks I’m also not going to buy anything sweet to stay in the house. No tubs of ice cream or Ciao Bella gelato! No cookies for “snacks” or candy for “just in case.” I should be fueling my body with real energy and not empty, sugary calories.

I’m working on putting myself in good situations. For example, today at lunch I was supposed to meet a good friend to track down one of DC’s delicious foodtrucks but I knew I couldn’t trust myself to order something reasonable when faced with things like empanadas, lobster rolls, and poutine. So instead we arranged to meet up at Chop’t, get salads, and sit in the sunshine. Perfect! I pre-picked my salad online and went off to meet her feeling very happy with my alternative plan. I got in a mile and a half walk there and back and left with a full tummy but not that icky gross feeling that comes with being overly full of carbs and sugar. Instead, my tummy is hosting a veggie party and it’s very happy.

I’ve got a no-excuses allowed date with the gym tonight and I’m hoping the Hubs will join me. (I think it’s always more fun to work out when you can look over and make goofy faces at someone.) A co-worker and I have a walking lunch date planned tomorrow and I’m feeling pretty good about this week all told!

I’m also excited about joining Mia and Blair for their new bookclub. Y’all know I’m a sucker for a good book. We’re planning to read Little Bee. I need to head to a bookstore and pick that up.

What are you excited about this week?

Are you a sucker for dessert like me? Hubs would pick coffee over dessert any day, but it seems that I can’t say no to a little something sweet!


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2 responses to “Being Mindful

  1. I’m trying to get back in the groove this week too – today has been rough so far – boo. I’m a major sucker for sweets!! “my tummy is hosting a veggie party and it’s very happy” LOL LOL cracked me up!

  2. TOTAL sucker for dessert. Woe is me! Good luck with meeting your mindful goals this week. I know I always feel better when I am mindful.

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