Little Victories

I’m not feeling so hot tonight, so this is gonna be fairly short and sweet. I don’t know if I’m getting sick or just getting fall allergies (which I’ve never had before but I suppose there’s a first time for everything).

A big part of keeping myself accountable and being mindful is celebrating my little victories. So, in the past twenty four hours or so I:

  • Spent 35 minutes with the elliptical yesterday even though I could barely walk home from work (oy with the icky feeling)
  • Turned down gelato when Hubs bought some for himself and offered to buy me some
  • Took a half hour lunch time walk with a co-worker
  • Limited myself to two happy hour drinks (little ones) and didn’t order anything fried or cheese covered

All about the little victories, I’m just saying. If I go in tomorrow, my lunch walking buddy and I have plans for another jaunt. The weather is gorgeous lately and I’m going to bring my garmin so we see how far we go.

Kelly had this cute little thing on her blog today called “Hey, It’s Okay…” She modeled it after a feature in Glamour Magazine and I totally have to copy her! If I were writing them for Glamour, mine would go a little something like this. Hey, It’s Okay:

  • To spend more time looking at nutritionals and picking out a snack than you actually spend eating it!
  • To feel completely zonked after happy hour — socializing is exhausting.
  • To drown your sorrow over your football team’s loss in pumpkin beer and fruit twizzlers (just not together)!
  • To wonder where all your money goes every month even though you keep a meticulous budget.
  • To want more friends to get engaged so you can plan parties for them (no one wedding is enough for any woman)!
  • To go to bed at 8:45pm if you want to.

And that, my friends, is what I may do. I’m bushed. I hope y’all are having excellent Tuesdays. Tomorrow is hump day which means Friday (and the weekend) are just around the corner!

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One response to “Little Victories

  1. nice job on the during-lunch walk and elliptical! Great job too on not over-indulging at happy hour – I tend to – eek!

    So fun that you did your ‘hey it’s okays!’ I love them and agree – socializing, especially during the week, can be exhausting! And I think going to bed at any time, especially that early, is the bomb!

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