It has been a wonderful 48 hours y’all!

1. Friday mid-day “run” worked out even better than the previous “run.” Still circuits (4 min run, 2 min walk, 3 min run, 2 min walk – repeat three times) — 3.28 miles in 40 minutes. I can’t wait until I can actually run again!

2. DC Blogger Meet Up at Sweetgreen in Dupont was tremendous fun. I didn’t know a single person when I got there but everyone I met was awesome! I got a chance to sit and chat with Maya, Sarah, and Paige who are all so nice and wonderful. I definitely hope that there is another blogger meet up soon. Now that I know a few folks I won’t feel as awkward just showing up! Many thanks again to Emily (my new neighbor in Old Town) for setting this up!

3. Rabbit. I won’t count this as my success since I really had little to do with it. However, we had some friends over for football and eats again last night. Hubs successfully cooked his first rabbit. Everyone who ate it said it was delicious. (We also had grits, cabbage and roasted green beans on the side.) I am very glad there’s no longer an animal carcass resting in my fridge. That is a success as well!

4. I crossed a threshold in Anna Karenina last night: less than 200 pages to go! I’m still enjoying the story, but I wish I could find the fast forward button.

5. An unexpected Friday night in led to a lot of lazy relaxing. I polished off the third Glee disk and a hunk of Friday Night Lights Episodes. Definitely teared up at the end of the pilot. Loved it and will be watching more of it! I also broke out my knitting needles. Sweet Blair will be teaching me to knit but I thought it might be helpful to bring something I’m “working on” so she can point out good and bad things so I can improve.

6. We’ve planned out our meals for the week = cheap eating before VA Beach. After we finish our coffee, Hubs and I are headed to the grocery store(s) to take care of business. And, who knows, maybe I’ll get him to come for a run with me later?!

Happy Sunday folks! What are you looking forward to most this week? I personally cannot wait to get out of the city for a few days and listen to waves crash on the beach. I hope the weather is great for the holiday weekend!


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3 responses to “Success

  1. Nice! Glad the reading and glee-watching is going well. So fun that you did a blogger meet up! And ate rabbit! hehe

    DEF – let me know when you’re coming and let’s meet up!!

  2. very impressive with the 200 pages left. i once attempted to conquer that book, but, sadly, the book beat me. i hope we can chat at the next meetup 🙂

  3. So good to meet you too! I had a great time chatting with you.

    And oh my, isn’t Friday Nights sooo good? I think I went through the first season in about a week.

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