High and Low

Let’s play a little game I like to call high-low. I always look for the bright side of things because I feel like life is just easier if you’re looking for the good in things, people, etc. So, here are some of the highs and “lows” of my week. (I’m all about balance!)

High: Awesome 2 mile run on Tuesday. (I set out to run a mile and then circuits but pushed through and ran two miles. That’s the longest distance that I’ve run straight since the quarter marathon in May.)
Low: Today’s two mile run? Not as hot. I still finished it but it was a slough. My chest was burning and I kept having to fight the urge to spit (gross, I know). Hopefully next week I can have a better run and add a little more distance.

High: This week was a three day week for me followed by a three day weekend. Love it!
Low: Next week is a five day work week. Boo! I don’t even have the option of teleworking a day or two since I’m responsible for safe checks at the end of the day. Oh well, luckily I love the people I work with!

Low: Hubs was out of town this week for work. Going to bed alone is a little lonely sometimes.
High: I got some awesome downtime to myself, watched some Anna TV shows that Hubs won’t watch, and got time with girlfriends (Blair and Coworkers A, E and T). Also, Hubs came home last night – a night early!!

Low: Had a serious six hours of for real irritation with myself when I got on the scale Wednesday am. I’m supposed to be losing weight, not gaining weight! Bah!
High: I’m already back on track. I had a sit down talk with myself and figured out a plan. I set some very specific goals for myself for the next two weeks. Next week, I’ll set up goals for the week after.

And, some more highs… because I am a lucky woman!

High: Pumped about book club tonight with Mia and two new friends (aka people I’ve never met before). An excellent book (Little Bee – review coming soon), wine, and finger sandwiches? Yes please!
High: Another awesome book on the current read list: A Secret Kept. After struggling through Anna Karenina (another to be written review), I love getting through books in a day or two!
High: Thinking about going camping Veterans Day weekend. It’s a four day weekend for me and I love camping in chilly weather. Okay, really I love camping. (Car camping anyone?)
Spring Variety 166
High: Football and eats tomorrow with two of my favorites who just  got engaged! I can’t wait to start planning parties for them! Smile
Spring Variety 171
High: Finally, since I’m off today it’s pedicure time!! I love nothing more than sitting in a massage chair while someone brings my feet back into working order. Plus, pretty toes make me feel pretty all over. Smile

Happy Friday Y’all – have a great weekend!

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