Craving Chocolate

Y’all, is it bad that Biggest Loser makes me crave sweet things? I’m not sure what is going on psychologically with that, but I definitely picked up a little piece of 70% cocoa from Whole Foods this evening.

I owe y’all some reviews, so we’ll dispatch with those quickly!


So, here’s the thing – I wanted to like this book. I mean, I hung on to the characters for more than 700 pages. If you’re in for the long haul, you want to like it. But I just couldn’t enjoy it the way I wanted to. Tolstoy is long winded but he breaks the text into short chapters. (It deceives you into thinking you’re moving through the book faster than you really are!) One of the main characters has an annoying habit of frequently philosophizing about peasant life/farm life. Another, Anna, is just down right annoying at the end of the book. I’m happy I can say I’ve read the book now, but I don’t think I’d re-read it. Perhaps if I had read this with an instructor who could shed some light on the nuances I might have missed, maybe then I would have enjoyed it more. (3/5)


If you’ve ever taken a creative writing class, Chris Cleave will impress you. Even if you haven’t taken a writing class, his words will impress you. The structure and flow of the book made me want to keep reading – I wanted to know what happened. Some of the characters felt like simple foils, others were not believable. However, some of the characters I loved and Cleave skillfully narrates from the point of view of a woman. Little Bee is about a Nigerian refugee and a British woman – the back of the book asks me not to tell you much more than that. Parts of this book were shocking, others were horrifying, and it definitely made me want to research some of the things Cleave touches on. I will say that I wish the book was longer – the end left me wanting more. (4/5)


In other news, I’ve been a diligent little exerciser. I haven’t run again as my knee is acting pissed. I don’t want to anger it, so instead I turned to weights. Hubs walked me through some of the weight machines in our apartment gym so I can work out my legs properly. I’m hoping an increase in leg muscle will ease the stress on my knees. Any other ideas on what I can do to help my knees out?

I’m pumped about Saturday! Hubs has been wanting to fish for a long time now. Going to VA Beach just made his fishing jones worse. So, Saturday we’re meeting up with Tim and Sarah to head to a local lake. The boys are going to fish while Sarah and I read and enjoy the fall weather. In my mind, I’m imagining a crisp, cool fall morning (we’re getting there at 7:30 when the park opens), a hooded sweatshirt, fall leaves, a lake, some coffee, and a good book. Sign me up!

I’m meeting up with Blair again on Sunday for more knitting. She loaned me two books to read (we’re both nerdy like that – if we’re doing something new, we want to read up on background) and I’m working my way through them. We’re going to go to a knit store in Old Town to get the appropriate needles and yarn for my first project. Here goes nothing!

Okay y’all – Biggest Loser (and my chocolate) need some attention!

What gives you weird cravings? I have no idea why BL makes me crave sweets – but it definitely does!


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2 responses to “Craving Chocolate

  1. I am the same way! Last night Biggest Loser brought on Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Good thing I bought the individual size!!!

    If you belong to a gym, try swimming. It is a great cardio workout and is easy on all your joints.

    So excited that you are knitting! I would recommend going to Micheal’s or Joanne’s to buy supplies. I love fiber space, but it is expensive. You should really start with some cheap but durable Red Heart Yarn. Can’t wait to see your projects!

  2. Biggest Loser makes me crave sweets too. LOL

    I wish I could help more with the knee issues.

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