Fall Fishing

Today was an absolutely GORGEOUS fall day. In celebration, we got up at 6 am (ick), grabbed some Starbucks, and headed to the lake with Tim and Sarah. We rented a few rods, bought some bait, and enjoyed the day. I’m back and absolutely exhausted. (I will most likely be in bed in an hour.)

Fishing 007
Fall color is just starting to peep out in Northern VA. All around the lake the colors were so pretty.

Fishing 001
Hubs snagged the first (and biggest) fish of the day. Tim offered to eat it fresh. (All fish caught today were thrown back!)
Fishing 003
Fish 2 was somewhat smaller.
Fishing 002
Tim caught a little baby fish too!
Fishing 004
Sarah got in on the action with a petite fish friend of her own.
Fishing 008
We fished some more and Tim and Sarah made a new little friend.
Fishing 015
Really, it was great to spend a day outside, on the water, and (it felt like) totally outside of town!
Fishing 013

Coming soon: Book Review for The Art of Racing in the Rain! A story about my running hiatus (and angry knees). Hub’s crazy new fitness plans. And more, I’m sure.

Come back soon when I’m not slightly sunburned (more pink, really) and beat from getting up at six on a weekend day!

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