Just Not Feeling It

It being blogging. I’ve been reading other people’s posts and thinking about my own, but I just haven’t wanted to post lately. Don’t know what it is, but perhaps the blogging mojo has left me for the time being.

I’m still working out (more weights focused than jogging) and working to banish my post-wedding gains. (Down another pound this week!) I suppose I just haven’t felt super share-y lately. My hat is off to bloggers that post daily or even multiple times a day. I just don’t have that in me!

I mentioned in my last post about fishing that I’ve taken a hiatus from running. With a little tutoring from Hubs, I’ve started working out my legs again with the weight equipment in my building. Basically, my knees were quite stiff, painful, and made a lot of popping noises after running. It was different from the first time I started running – then my knees only ached when I ran in the cold, cold weather. I decided to focus on putting some leg muscle back on before I started really trying to run. So, tomorrow is another date with the leg machines and some low impact cardio. Hopefully next week I can go for a short run and see reduced pain!

The fishing post also noted that Hubs was taking on a crazy fitness challenge. Yup, he’s hitting P90X. He plans to start in the next week or two and fully accepts that he will be sore, sore, sore. But, I think he’s finally ready to get back on the horse and thinks this will give him a format and structure that he’ll want to follow. (Try as I might, I just can’t get him to go running with me. Sad smile) Maybe I’ll try a few of the cardio based workouts with him!

Yesterday, I spent a lot of quality time with our couch. Before the couch, it was the floor of the bathroom. I woke up early into Wednesday morning, just a few hours after going to sleep, knowing something wasn’t right. So, I set up camp on the bathroom floor and tried to make peace with the situation. I’m lucky enough to have plenty of sick leave and I called out on Wednesday as the thought of leaving the apartment, much less riding the subway to work, made my head spin and tummy churn.

I’m feeling much better today but my tummy is still slightly off. It has been very vocal today about the things I give it and seemed rather displeased about the coffee I drank this morning. Hopefully tomorrow will see me at 100%.

I’m plowing through an interesting book right now: The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs. I’ll review it (and The Art of Racing in the Rain) once I finish. I also grabbed a stack of books from the library earlier this week: The Luxe (Oh guilty pleasure reading), Eating Animals, and The Passage. After the library, I hit up Barnes and Noble for our book club selection (cause you can never have too many books): Never Let Me Go. So much reading – I wish I could master working out and reading at the same time. It’s enough to make a girl consider a subscription to Audible! Anyone want to hook a girl up for an early Christmas present? I’d love you forever!

Time to be an indulgent wife – Hubs wants to play his video game and I want to watch the FSU/NC State game. I figure, he has to go to work tomorrow and I have the day off. Thus, some video game playing and then we’ll watch a little of the game. (Also, for the record, please note that Assassins Creed II kinda gives me the willies.)

Night Bloggies!


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3 responses to “Just Not Feeling It

  1. I am sorry to hear running is so painful. Have you tried yoga? That has really been helping me. Sometimes knee pain is associated with the muscles around the knee pulling on it. Feel better!

  2. oooh those books sound great! Never let me go is AWESOME – I need to read it again – it’s been too long!

    I’m sorry about running pain – eek. I’ve been on a hiatus and am going to try to run tonight – we’ll see!!

  3. Thanks for the book recs! I’ve been meaning to read Never Let Me Go for awhile now. I should really put it to the top of my list. Also – I highly highly recommend Audible.com! I’ve had it for a year + have listened to 20+ books

    And I feel the same way about boys and scary video games. Not a fan at all

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