Bringing Out The Nerd

Don’t know if you guys know this about me, but I’m a huge nerd. No, really, I am. You’ve probably picked up that I’m a bookworm. But I’m also a political junkie. One of my undergrad degrees is in Political Science. My Masters degree is in National Security Policy. For a long time, I thought I wanted to be a speech writer or a campaign manager. In fact, for a few years when I was little I told my Mama I was going to be president.

I don’t necessarily enjoy long, heated arguments. I have my beliefs and aim to stay educated about all the issues. But election returns are like a drug to me. I love watching the results roll in. I’ve got the TV on and I’m toggling between several web sites. (And you’d better believe this girl exercised her right to vote!)

So, along with my political nerdiness, I’m bringing you books tonight. I’ve been reading away this month so I’ve got a few to tell you about.

I bought The Art of  Racing in the Rain during one of my work trips based on a recommendation from my boss (well, really he told me his wife liked it). I’m a sucker for a good animal story – I cried reading Marley and Me. Enzo, the dog, tells his life story and the story of his family. I know it sounds hokey, but it was really sweet. Stein writes very nicely; the words flowed right along and I finished this book in about two days. Two warnings: (1) the end might make you a little weepy and (2) you will definitely want a dog when you finish. (4/5)

One of the knitting “how-to” books loaned to me by Blair. This book is a great tool if you want to learn how to knit. It also has great patterns. I’m working on the “ribbed for her pleasure” scarf from the book right now. Very useful and practical for a new knitter. I plan to purchase my own copy. (4/5)

Knitting book numero dos. A little more manic but still funny. Pearl-McPhee is less practical than Stoller as she assumes everyone will obsess over knitting like she does. However, Pearl-McPhee does a great job of explaining a variety of tools and materials used by knitters. (3/5)

A.J.  Jacobs is also the author of The Know-It-All (about reading the entire collection of encyclopedias) which I’ve been struggling to listen to for the past seven or so months. After reading Living Biblically, I’m going to assume my struggles come from the narrator of the book. Jacobs takes on another daunting task – living literally by the commands of The Bible for a year. If this topic makes you wary, don’t fear! Jacobs is a Jew – there is no proselytizing or preaching in this book. He does quote The Bible a lot, obviously, but it’s in a rather inoffensive way. I loved his story and appreciated the fact that he took this challenge head on. Also, he includes before and after photos.

(This is what happens when you don’t shave a beard for a year!) (3.5/5)

All right, that’s a lot of nerdiness for the night. I’m currently reading two books: The Luxe (kinda like Gossip Girl in the 1890s) and Eating Animals (more about smart food decisions). So I’m sure I’ll have those reviews AND other delights for you soon. Smile


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3 responses to “Bringing Out The Nerd

  1. Great post! I’m actually headed to my library tomorrow to look for a good book to read, so I was glad to come across your reviews. The Year of Living Biblically looks really interesting.
    I’ll be interested to hear what you think about Eating Animals- I loved Foer’s fiction, but was not impressed by his writing in this book. Yes, the information was interesting and is obviously important, but I got a very self-interested vibe from his writing in that book.

  2. Paige

    Thanks for the book recs! I loooved The Know-It-All, (it really must be an issue with the narrator…) so I’m so excited to hear about Living Biblically!

  3. I love your book reviews and recs – very cool. And neat to learn about your major/masters – very interesting topics. I am definitely not politically savvy (am interested from a communication perspective but otherwise not so much) – but am definitely a fellow book reader, although your choices always seem more ‘adult-like’ than mine! 🙂

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