I get so emotional, baby

Growing up, I totally thought my stuffed animals had feelings. I thought they felt neglected when I slept with one of them over the others and I cried when I had to give any of them away to Goodwill. My parents have pictures of little me with SO MANY stuffed animals in the bed that there’s barely room for me. So, yes, I’m sentimental.

Meeting puppies on Saturday was heart breaking. I wanted to take all of them home and love them. Our first choice was the little guy we posted a picture of yesterday. Right now, his name is Christopher Robin. They asked us for a second choice so we picked his litter mate: a little girl puppy with brown and white fur named Piglet. She was so mellow and snuggly too. Plus, with a name like Piglet you have to love her. There was also a slightly older dog (11 months) named Hoppy that we considered.

So, since I’m anxiously awaiting an email from the adoption agency about our home visit, I checked their web site. Christopher Robin has adoption pending beside his name now!!! However, poor sweet little Piglet is the only puppy from the litter who doesn’t have a pending adoption. Perhaps I’m slightly horomonal or tired or something, but just thinking about that makes me want to cry. Who wouldn’t want that adorable animal? My Mom and Hubs have reassured me that she will no doubt be scooped up by a wonderful family soon. I know Hart works really hard to get these animals wonderful homes, but it just breaks my heart. Seriously, when I have a house I want to adopt so many little animals.

Since I can’t do that yet, I plan to spoil the fool out of our little guy. We’ve been pondering names and decided we want something kinda dopey since he has an adorable, dopey face. Our front runners are: Mister Winston, Mister Stanley, or Mister Bojangles. (Hubs really likes the idea of a vet asking for “Mister _____” when he’s looking for a dog. Hubs is goofy like that.) I’ve also decided he needs something spirited to tailgate at the UGA/GT game the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Maybe something like this (except, featuring my adorable dog) or this?

All right, off to stop being emotional about the millions of animals I want to love. I’ll just continue to stalk my email inbox for information on our home visit…

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  1. lmc

    That is why I could never volunteer at a shelter- I’d want to take them all home!

    Send me an email: lucky020109@gmail.com…I have a quick question 🙂

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