Holy lack of blogging time, Batman

Y’all, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when we got our little Hound! (We have named him Buddy.) This dog is 100% adorable and is making friends left and right. However, I’m also learning why a lot of people suggested we get a slightly older shelter dog.

He is always into something. And really seems to miss us when we’re gone. That’s a sweet sentiment, but howling and barking loudly isn’t so cute. We’ve gotten him mostly conditioned to not bark and hopefully our neighbors won’t kick us out for noise now!

He has (potentially) more quirks than I do. Weird preferences for digging in the carpet, afraid of the tv (no longer) and the Christmas Tree, sighs hardcore once he gets settled into a comfortable position. This dog will also put up with anything and everything. We manhandle him so much and he loves it. He’s quite the playful little dog.

He is spoiled obnoxiously rotten. We’d give this dog almost anything. We are trying to save our possessions and furniture though. However, if he wants anything else, we’d probably get it for him. He also gets ALL of our time. We’re getting him on a schedule (out, fed, and on a walk before 6:30am rolls around) and he’s trying to use up all his puppy energy. I’m leaning to give myself a LOT more time to do things now. For example, I hosted book club this past Thursday — but I hadn’t finished the book. Whoops! Puppy means starting things sooner so that I can compensate for the delays he will inevitably (and adorably) cause.

But, I think it’s safe to say, this dog has stolen my heart. Back to regularly scheduled blogging soon. Also, Buddy says hi!

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  1. He is SO cute! I bet he will be a great little running partner!

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