Oh, hi!

I’m absolutely the worst blogger ever. Ever, ever, ever. Well, maybe not the worst, but I certainly don’t qualify as a blogger when I don’t actually blog…

I mentioned in my last post that our adorable little dog has entirely unsettled our lives – in the best way possible. Couple that with holidays and a smattering of work travel and you get over a month without an actual blog post, more than one REAL workout, and seeing far fewer people than I’d like to. I’m trying hard to get back into an actual schedule again and get back on board with blogging and working out. I make no promises, but the desire is definitely there.

I’ve got a lot stored up in my noggin’ also: things I want to do in 2011, races to run, books I’ve been plowing through, yummy things I’ve been eating and making, and (of course) doggy hijinks!

Hubs and I are in Atlanta for the holidays. I’m in the process of doing some serious Christmas shopping, trying to see as many people as possible, and enjoying some time with family. We head back to DC next Monday and then the Monday after, I head out on a little work travel that I’m rather excited about!!

So, for now, I leave you hanging again (if anyone still reads). But, there is more to come. I promise!

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