Christmas to NYE Lull

This is, hands down, one of my favorite times of the year at work. I love the holiday parties leading up to Christas, but I love even more the week between the 25th and the 31st. The week is ridiculous short (hooray work holidays), almost no one is in the office, and everyone that is here is trying to unload all the candy left overs from the holidays (and cakes, and cookies). Really, it’s awesome.

Also on the awesome list: Georgia’s first white Christmas since the 1880s. Yes, it was beautiful (and a little scary when I had to drive home in the dark on snowy roads). I followed my normal (and crazy) Christmas routine. My parents (Mom and Stepdad) and I cook a Saralee coffee cake and open our gifts to each other. (I use the work cook very lightly here since it’s a microwave coffee cake.) There’s usually a little lounging and napping with the GPTV station playing Christmas music and that single shot of a burning fireplace going. Then, I drive half an hour to my Dad’s family. We prepare lunch (real cooking this time), eat ourselves silly, open gifts, have dessert and then (a mere three or four hours after I arrive) I head out again — this time to my Mom’s side of the family. There’s more eating, our version of White Elephant/Yankee Christmas, and general shenanigans.

This year I had the hair-raising experience of driving home from my Uncle’s down a windy, narrow, hilly, unlit road while it snowed. I’ve never driven in slush, ice, snow, etc so I was convinced that I was going to wreck my car/maim myself/die on Christmas. My sweet Yankee stepfather loves driving in the snow so he shuttled me over to Hubby’s parents’ place so that I could see him and his family on Christmas also. So, Hubby’s mom called it a PJ Party and I spent Christmas night with them.

Santa was overly generous and brought me a new North Face fleece, some new Vera Bradley, a variety of giftcards, and some new work clothes among other things. He brought me and Hubs a few things as well including a nice big stock pot and a VITAMIX!! We broke it out for the first time last night and my smoothie this morning was 1000 times better. Delicious! Now I’m looking forward to my daily green smoothie again. 🙂

I’ll be spending next week on work travel through Florida and Louisiana. I’m pretty pleased about escaping frigid DC for warmer climes during early Jan! Sign me up! I’m also looking forward to reading a ton of mindless magazines on the planes — something about airports makes me want to buy hundreds of magazines, puzzle books, and best selling novels. I suppose that’s the point of airport bookstores and news kiosks?

I’m still ruminating on my New Year’s Resolutions. What are you resolving to do? Any ideas for me??


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2 responses to “Christmas to NYE Lull

  1. lmc

    I thought it was funny how everyone in GA FREAKED about the snow 🙂

  2. I’m glad you had such a great trip!! Sounds like fun – well except for the driving part – eek!

    I haven’t made resolutions -i’m all over the place trying to really nail down what I want to do next year!

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