Sneaky Things

Pictures that hide on my camera:
Holidays 002
Holidays 006
Including my blurry rendition of the National Christmas Tree Lighting!

Dogs that get into everything:
Holidays 007
My Step-Dad and little Buddy Dog.

Holidays 014
Playing in the snow on the way back to VA from GA!

Sneak Attack Smother Hugs:
Holidays 017
(Hubs requested that I assure you the smother hug is not as creepy as it potentially looks here!)

Let’s look at that close up…
Holidays 018


Also sneaky, New Year’s Eve! Hubs and I have plans to go to a Tapas place in Old Town that offers all-you-can-eat Tapas for two hours at a set price. I can’t wait to have a delicious final meal of 2010! I really do feel like NYE has snuck up on me this year – I still need to figure out my resolutions.

What are you doing for New Year’s?


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4 responses to “Sneaky Things

  1. Oh fun, I was at the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony! Goodness it was cold…but I’m so glad I got to see it

  2. I was at the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony too!!! And, it was sooo cold. I remember my toes were freezing when we left. But it was definitely worth it!! I am glad I went.

    • For real! I wore running tights under my jeans and a thermal shirt under my sweater and jacket – oh, and two pairs of socks. I left a little early because I couldn’t feel my toes. I felt like that meant it was time!

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