My bags are packed

But am I ready to go?

I take off today for a three city work trip. I’ve got my workout gear packed and plans to hopefully check out a few workout classes at our various hotels. I’m also trying to get today started out right — instead of airport fast food and fried hashbrowns I’m cooking myself two eggs to go with a banana and two clementines. We land a little before two, so hopefully I can find a granola bar or something for mid-flight snacking.

We’re going to a lot of places that are known for their food. And I want to eat it all! I’m going to try to make good decisions and aim to get as many fruits and veggies (non-fried) as possible. I’ll be back in a week to let you know how I did and to catch up on your blogs. I hope all of you have a wonderful first week of 2011!

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  1. Best of luck – sounds like you have a wonderful plan already in place. Safe travels and happy new year!

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