Snoooooow Jealous

My Parents’ have six inches of snow. No work Monday. No work Tuesday. No work Wednesday. It’s a winter wonderland 600 miles south of here!

I was hoping some of that snow would creep up here. Instead, it looks like we’ll get a dusting of snow and maybe a little layer of ice. The ice is my hope right now — I want to it get me a two hour delay at work tomorrow. You hear that Federal Government? A two hour delay would be awesome!

So, Hubs and I are doing what other delay hopefuls are doing: eating a DELICIOUS dinner (seriously, one of the best things our kitchen has ever produced), drinking a bottle and a half of wine (wait, most other people don’t do this?), and cleaning some shows off our DVR. I’m also jonesing for books!

After a day of reading facebook statuses about people suffering from cabin fever, my jealousy is at new levels! I wanna stay home all day, read, relax, sleep in, eat soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and occasionally take my little dog out for a snow walk. So, I’m living vicariously! I got three new books from the library today (Firefly Lane, Safe Haven, and Born to Run). Also, I want to buy copious amounts of books on Amazon — however that could be the wine talking. I suppose there are worse things to consider impulse buying?

What does wine make you want to buy? And, what would you do with a snow day?

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