Gratuitous Hound Pictures

So, we spent this evening fighting a computer virus on our desktop. Since that wasted my evening, I will leave you with happy photos to put me in a happy mind set.

Granma (aka my mom) sent Buddy some presents!

Presents 008

Presents 011
This duck makes crazy quacking sounds. Buddy has been carrying it around and making little whines back at it. Kinda cute, but also a little crazy-making when you’re trying to remove a massive computer virus…

Presents 012

Mmmm, teeth cleaning! I hope my little dog makes you almost as happy as he makes me. Smile And, huge thanks to his Granma for sending a ton of new toys since he has almost torn up all of his others (with his new big boy teeth)!

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One response to “Gratuitous Hound Pictures

  1. That is SO sweet – I love when people get happy’s for my puppers – it’s just so thoughtful. 🙂

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