Friday, I love you!

Okay, first things first! Kelly gave me a blogger award a couple weeks ago and my lazy self is just now getting around to it. (Bad blogger!)

Kelly’s blog is awesome, and if you don’t already follow her you should! I love how she sets goals and follows them – totally motivates me. She’s got two super cute little doggies and awesome taste (her room makeovers make me wish I had a house). So, obviously I’m super flattered that she gave me a blogger award! With the award, I’m supposed to tell you seven random things about me and then pick seven other folks to do the same!

Seven Random Things:
1. Lately, I love BBQ sauce on just about everything. Not sure if it’s normal. For example, lunch yesterday included a combo of quinoa, mixed veggies, and bbq sauce? Whatever, I love it!
2. Growing up in GA, I never got much snow as a kid. When I moved to Virginia, I got amped up for some snow. When it looks like there could be a winter storm, I compulsively track the weather. In my office, they come to me for weather forecasts!
3. As much as I enjoy camping, I have the hardest time falling asleep at night. We can be in the most crowded campground and I will convince myself that wolves or bears or something vicious is coming for us.
4. As much as I love my wonderful husband, sometimes I miss living alone. (But usually only for about five minutes.)
5. When I go shopping, I often walk around with a ton of things I want to buy. By the time I leave, I’ve usually put it all back.
6. The only place I can find jeans that fit is American Eagle. (And I’m so bummed that 75% of their jeans have holes on them somewhere.)
7. The foods I used to despise (mushrooms, lamb, etc) are now some of my favorite foods. (I still am not crazy about tomatoes though!)

And the seven wonderful folks I am giving this little award to:
1. Squirrels and Pearls
2. Going on Goals
3. Gwennie Pie
4. LMC
5. Running for the Carbs
6. This is not a diet
7. Brie Fit


I had a great mid-day workout yesterday and then enjoyed an evening with my book club ladies. (Love them!) I can’t wait to hear what our next book is. I’m also trying to resist hopping onto the scale every morning. I figure, if I weigh myself less I’ll freak myself out less about little slip ups. So, hopefully next week I’ll have good news to report in the weight loss arena. Today is my next run on my (pre) half marathon training plan. I’m almost looking forward to it! Winking smile 

Happy Friday Y’all! What are you doing this weekend?

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