It’s Funner with Funfetti!

I got my Betty Crocker on tonight and made a little sweet treat for my office for Valentine’s Day tomorrow. I used one of my favorite subs from my Weight Watcher’s days and instead of using oil, water, and eggs to make the cake, I just added 12oz of diet cake to the cake batter. You whip it up and bake it like normal, just far fewer calories. (Honestly, I don’t know how many more times I’ll use this since I’m trying to steer clear of diet coke but it sounded so convenient and easy tonight!)

February 2011 006
Fresh from the oven and waiting to be frosted! Yum!

I love the way the apartment smells during and after baking. (I think the dog does too – he just walks around sniffing the air.) Hopefully my co-workers will enjoy their little afternoon snack. Smile 

Hubs heads out of town tomorrow for some work travel in Boston so I’ll be living it up single lady style. My routine is a little different when it’s just me in the house. Dinner is “easier” (aka lazier), I can watch Glee and Gossip Girl without groans from the peanut gallery, etc. So, in celebration of my “secret single habits” I went grocery shopping just for me tonight. I renewed my love affair with Trader Joe’s tonight. Sigh. I feel like they’ll be getting a lot more of my money soon.

Random side question, if I’m trying a new product (like some of my dinners from TJ’s) does it count as a new recipe? I’m guessing not, but I figured it was worth a shot! Open-mouthed smile 

We got the hound a little Valentine’s Day gift while we were out and about today. Not only did he get a (hopefully) indestructible toy but we also got him a shirt. Please note: This was TOTALLY my husband’s idea!

February 2011 001
Dog meets shirt…

February 2011 003
Shirt meets dog…

February 2011 007
Dog is officially a “chick magnet.”

And, with that, I’m off to play with my little dog. Good night bloggies! Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

What are your “secret single habits?”


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3 responses to “It’s Funner with Funfetti!

  1. LOL on the dog’s shirt. Love it!

  2. hehe love the pupper pictures. and I think that TOTALLY counts as a recipe! 🙂 I love trader joe’s! When it’s just me it’s a lot of girl shows and for some reason i’m never hungry – I just want ramen and chocolate chip cookies – no “real” meals!

  3. My secret single habits: eating a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese by myself, and leaving Gilmore Girls DVDs on in the background all the time.

    Also, now that you guys have bought clothing for the hound, I might have to add to the collection. The hound might need a new getup for President’s Day.

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