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The Remedy

I woke up with a stuffy nose and a headache. I’ve felt 100% off all day. Sore throat, ears popping, etc. I was trying to blame it on pollen earlier this morning, but with pollen my eyes normally itch. Whoops.

So, tonight I’m ditching my workouts. Instead, the little dog and I have the perfect plan for feeling better.



Hopefully I’ll feel better after some R&R? Hope you guys are having a good Monday!



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One Year Ago Today


On March 27, 2010, I married my best friend.

This is how we celebrated last year:

Aside from our cabin trip, we took a little night away to the Chesapeake Bay to celebrate our real anniversary! Oh, and it snowed?

Then, tonight, since our frozen wedding cake is at my parent’s house still in their freezer, we recreated it thanks to Whole Foods. One of the layers of our cake was yellow cake with fresh strawberry filling and Whole Foods had that today!

Last year:

And this year:
Yes, that’s right, we even dug out our toasting flutes!

How do I feel about the whole thing?
Pretty good! (Please note my very serious cake eating face.)

Happy Anniversary to the most amazing Husband! It has been a wonderful year and I cannot wait for what is to come in the years that follow. I’m so blessed to have a man who supports me so completely and knows everything about me and loves me anyway.



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Catching on

I think cheering at races is one of my new favorite things. It’s super inspiring! I had a ton of fun cheering at MCM2010 with Thea back in October. This time, I got to cheer her and Ashley (as well as tons of other people) on. I had great company too; I met up with Caitlin and Emily between miles ten and eleven. There were signs, hollering, tissues, swedish fish, and even a “just the tip” joke. Very fun!

It was also great to see my friends looking so strong! Many congrats to Ashley who tweeted shortly after the race that she set a new PR!

Watching races gives me race fever! I really cannot wait for April 13 to roll around so I can sign up for my VA Beach Half (with $13 discount)! It’s going to be so cool to be one of the runners in a few months. Smile 

Congrats to everyone who raced today! Y’all make me so proud!

All right, I need to grab some lunch and pack for our night away at the Chesapeake Bay for our one year anniversary – that’s just CRAZAY!

What makes you want to run?


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Excellent Mail Day

So yesterday I listed off some of the things that make me happy. I left a big one off the list: MAIL! And I don’t mean bills or credit card offers or catalogs. I mean something hand addressed to me or a package with something new inside. When those two things combine, I am doubly happy! Imagine my surprise when checking the mail and finding out I had not one, but TWO little packages waiting for me.

First off, a few weeks back Target was running a promotion for their beauty department. If you entered your name and mailing information they promised to send you a sample pack with $25 worth of savings and other goodies. Free stuff? Sign me up!


Oh, let’s see what’s in there!


Look at that cute little bag it all came in too! I mean, to mean it was worth it just for the travel lotion and new chapstick!

Up next was a package that combines BOTH of my favorite mail elements: something fun/new and hand addressed to me! One of my favorite DC bloggers, Gwen, had a delicious Dove chocolate giveaway a few weeks ago and I won! (Okay, so this combines mail and winning, so it’s a double win. Or, is that bi-winning?Smile)

IMG_0878I was pretty excited to tear into the box and sample these little treats! They are Chocolate Chipotle-Spiced Caramel Nut Clusters and, yes they are as delicious as they sound!

IMG_0883Buddy was pretty excited too!

YUM! Dove chocolate is one of my favs and the yummy chipotle salt was such a fun addition. If you’re interested in acquiring some chocolates like mine (or another delicious varieties) you can get in touch with Gwen’s Mom Linda who is an independent chocolatier with Dove Chocolate Discoveries.

Buddy recommends it!
(Please note that my sweet little dog did not actually consume chocolates. But man, did he want to!)

What’s your favorite thing to get in the mail?


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Re-Thinking Tuesday

No train delays this morning, but lots of computer/network/work  related struggles. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to telework today which is bad news bears since we don’t have a dog walker for today. I spent several hours on the phone with various help desks trying to get my work computer right with life. Oh, and during all of this my delightful little dog decided he should a) run wild and make as much noise possible so I couldn’t hear the person on the phone, b) poop in the middle of the living room, or c) find something valuable to chew on. If you answered D – all of the above, then you would be correct.

By the time I got connected and cleaned up the dog’s destruction, I was officially in a foul mood. Then I spilled coffee on myself. Tuesday, we need to go back to the starting board. So, in an effort to readjust my mental state in regards to Tuesday, here are some things that make me happy:

(When he’s not destroying things, my little dog is pretty sweet.)

Tom and Anna 083
My sweet husband who always takes good care of me.

Ridings Wedding 125
Weddings that devolve into dance parties. (Hubs in the dealer’s hat and Groom Dan in the vest.)

Spring Variety 112
Awesome work travel and delicious eats (Austin, TX).

Spring Variety 164

Holidays 018
Smother hugs!

Okay, see, I’m in a better mood already! How is your Tuesday going?


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Monday Delays

My body clearly was not ready to come back to work! I tossed and turned all night — it was one of those nights of sleep where you never really feel like you fall asleep. Oh well. I woke up to lightning in the distance and the threat of rain. Boo! Rainy Mondays are rough. However, it did give me a chance to try out my new rain boots and rain coat so I guess it’s okay. Despite being super tired, I popped out the door right on time and caught my train. My train had other ideas though; I guess it was tired too. Our train system had serious delays this morning which made me half an hour late to work. Ah! I barely made it to my little coffee shop in time for the early bird discount.

Never fear though, I’ve been a machine since getting in. And, I have happy hour to look forward to tonight. Hooray!

I’m wrapping up my lunch break and made the mistake of wandering over to Amazon and eyeing some things I want. Namely – a new iPod (since mine has started acting up), a web cam (for skype!), and some new moleskine volant notebooks (thanks to re-reading my paper journals). We’ll see what happens there. Anyone have a web cam they’d recommend? We have a relatively new Dell laptop it would be operating on…

Oh! And I also signed up for two races this morning. A 5k in May that starts just down the street from me and a 4 miler in June with Blair and Mia. I feel a sign up coming on for my Half in September. I just need them to run another special so I can get my registration on the cheap(er)!

Happy Monday Y’all! Hope it’s not rainy for you today!

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Vacation Sneak Peek

Okay, so I owe you all an update on our awesome vacation. However, I’ve been re-reading my high school and college paper journals (whoa boy) and I kinda want to spend some time with my current paper journal tonight. That leaves just a few minutes to share some pictures from our week in the Smoky Mountains!


Okay, more pictures and the like later. Happy Sunday Funday y’all!

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