Rainy Sunday Funday

Today is absolutely rainy and dreary. However, I’m kinda okay with that. It gives me an excuse to enjoy a little lazy time on the couch with the dog (who thinks I am his personal jungle gym).

After a little dilly-dallying, we got our day kicked off and headed to Barnes and Noble so that Hubs could work on some of his school work. (He has a TON of papers due right now – this reminds me why I don’t miss grad school!) Also, so I could buy books!!

I exercised a little restraint but still left with three new books:

So excited about all of them! The Imperfectionists has caught my eye since it came out and Mia picked it for our next book club meeting so I’m thrilled! You all know how much I loved Three Cups of Tea so purchasing the follow up was a given. Mortenson also talked a lot about Ahmed Rashid’s Taliban so I thought I’d give it a whirl too. (If you’re a huge Middle East nerd like me, please check out Ghost Wars by Steve Coll. It’s one of my favorite books!)

I also grabbed the April Runner’s World. I’ll be taking that issue and the March issue with me to the mountains in a week!

Last night we also enjoyed another recipe from this fella:

We tried out the Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna. It was my first time making lasagna in a crockpot so I was a little skeptical but the results were delicious. (Also, not so healthy so I have to make sure my portions are smaller. Really, what do you expect from a recipe that uses alfredo sauce and lots of delicious cheese?!) We’re planning to try out the Shepard’s Pie recipe later this week and a veggie and chickpea pasta sauce as well. Love it!

Since we can’t take the little dog outside today for a walk, it’s time to play indoor fetch and tucker him out a little bit. What are you doing with your Sunday? Is it a rainy Sunday for you too?


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4 responses to “Rainy Sunday Funday

  1. RFW

    The Imperfectionists is one of my favorite books – read it when it firstcame out and my hometown paper was shutting down.

  2. I live in California, so we have had a full day of sunshine this Sunday! My hubs and I took a ride on the bike path in town, grabbed a bite at our fave brunch place, and then walked around an outdoor mall, grabbing some crab cakes for dinner tonight:) Its been a great day! Cheers to a great week!

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely Sunday! Its a snowy mess here in Toronto, so I’ve spent most of inside, cuddling up with my pup 🙂

    P.S. – Just kicked off my Spring Shape Up Challenge and there is a giveaway for a $10 iTunes card! Come on over and enter the contest!

  4. realfoodkatiesway

    My Sunday consisted of homemade hummus, homemade granola, yoga, prepping lunches for the week and mushroom barley risotto. And spending time with the hubby of course!
    I WISH it was raining here…We are still dealing with brutal cold temps and SNOW SNOW SNOW!

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