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Giving Up.

It’s about that time of year folks, Lent is almost upon us! I was not raised Catholic, but I did grow up in a Christian household. However, I was very close to my Grandparents (Mom’s side) who were devout Catholics and I enjoyed attending Mass with them occasionally. Rituals can be very comforting. I remember when I was little that my Gramma would only fix fish on Lent Fridays and how she would talk to me about the art of sacrifice during Lent.

If you’re not familiar with it, the idea is to give up something that means a lot to you during the Lenten Season (Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday) to experience, honor, and appreciate the sacrifice Jesus made for us. I gave up Coke the first year I participated (when I was 13 or 14) and the next year, junk food. The following year, my Gramma has passed away by the time Lent started and I continued my annual “sacrifice” as another way to remember her. (This woman was my rock and basically my second mother. I miss her daily. My Papa too.)

In addition to Coke, and junk food (x2), I’ve also given up meat (x2), bread, candy, etc. I always want to give up something that will challenge me but that is also realistic as I do not want to set myself up for failure. This year, I’m torn as to what I want to give up. Here are the front runners:



I spend WAY too much time on Facebook.
Sometimes, I wonder what I’ve done for the past half hour and I realize that I’ve literally just been paging through facebook. It’s a good way to keep in touch with people, but I don’t need to be wasting SO MUCH time on there!


I also do far too much mindless snacking on candy, especially in the office. It’s definitely a vice and one I could cut back on. I gave up candy last year though, so I’m afraid it might be a crutch/a cheap way out.

I am a serious cheese fiend. The idea of no cheese for several weeks freaks me out. No cheese on sandwiches or pasta or pizza? What will I do without my cheese? But, I know I could do it (mindfully) and that, as with candy, I could score some health benefits by nixing cheese for a while too.

Just like facebook, I lose countless hours in front of the TV. I have shows I like to watch, but those are the ones I DVR. I don’t like how much I mindlessly while away time in front of the TV without realizing it. However, this is much harder to execute since I share a TV with someone. I don’t want to tell Hubs what he can and can’t do nor do I want to leave the room everytime he turns on the TV. So, this one probably won’t make it.


What do you guys think? Are you planning to give anything up for Lent?



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