Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday blog world! I texted my parents this morning and my mother reminded me that, for her, every Tuesday is Fat Tuesday. 🙂 I love that woman!

Thanks for weighing in yesterday on what to give up for Lent. I think I’ve definitely decided to nix facebook and cheese for forty days. I’m still undecided on candy. It almost feels like a cop out since I did it last year. The only other things I’ve repeated were things that I struggled with (junk food and meat) and felt challenged right up to the end. Candy didn’t seem that hard last year. So, maybe I’ll just stay away from it (for my own personal well-being) but not nix it entirely via Lent?

I’m actually kinda looking forward to my “facebook fast” as I am curious to see how much time I get back in my life. I’m also interested to see if I use facebook as much after Lent. After giving up things like coke and meat for Lent, I find that I didn’t consume them nearly as much afterwards. And I now consume even less of them for health reasons. I think “weeding out” the excesses in my life is really good for me and since I start a habit during Lent it usually sticks with me. Hopefully I won’t get the shakes or anything from going without cheese. Man, I love cheese. I’m tempted to have mac and cheese or something equally absurd for dinner tonight.

In other news, babies are everywhere. They come in waves y’all! I know people due in April, May, June, July, August, and now October. Yup, crazy sauce. The October baby is a new addition! One of my favorite bloggers (and neighbor to boot), Emily, announced yesterday that she is pregnant. I swear, she’s going to be the cutest pregnant woman ever. This all makes me want to go on Etsy and compulsively purchase baby hats. Seriously y’all!

I finally pulled the trigger on my kettlebell too!

This little guy should be showing up at my place sometime tomorrow. I can’t wait to try out it out! I was cruising around Comcast OnDemand (one of the only redeeming qualities that Comcast has) and I found Jillian Michaels’ Shred It with Weights (level one) available. I love Jillian (even if I hate to mute her on the videos sometimes) so I think I’ll give her workout a whirl once the kettlebell makes its arrival to my place. I anticipate being nice and sore! I’d like to work on strength training twice a week (at least) and hopefully reintroduce some muscle tone into my life.

Work is impatient for me to return, so I’m off. Are you doing anything to celebrate Fat Tuesday? And, a selfish question… since I’m giving up cheese for Lent, should I include things like cottage cheese and cream cheese? Or should I just stick with generic sliced, grated, shredded, etc. cheese?


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3 responses to “Fat Tuesday

  1. I hear you on the baby boom – wow!

    So exciting about the kettle balls!

    I would think it would be the cheese you go to the most. For me, i’d cut out feta/cheddar/etc. – but may keep spreadable cheese? haha I dunno – that’s a tough one!

  2. Mia

    Yaay kettle bells! Let me know how it goes! I’ve actually never used them…

    As far as giving up cheese…the general rule of thumb (from what I’ve been told) is that if it’s a substitute, then you should also remove it. ie it’s not hard to give up chocolate chip cookies if you’ll just reach for thin mints instead.

    I’m trying to decide if naps count as eating into my “giving up sleeping in” promise…

  3. Ooo the kettle bell! And I LOVE Jillian Michaels, even if I curse her through my workouts, they are just so challenging! As for the cheese, that is tough! I would keep cottage cheese in, because I just don’t really consider it cheese, it sort of stands alone. And cream cheese? I think it would up the lent-ante, because that would be a hard one to give up. We did not do anything special for Fat Tuesday, except cook a lean turkey burger for dinner:)

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