“the one with the hair” aka the weirdest blog search ever!

I was looking at my blog stats this morning and stumbled upon something ridiculous in the little box that tells me things people typed into a search engine to find my blog.

ever wonder what its like to be a dbag? it must be pretty awesome seeing as just about every guy you see nowadays is one. now me, im the generic nice guy. meaning im the one you want to settle down with one day. just not today. cause see that really obnoxious guy over there? the one with the hair? youre gonna go crush on him for two months, have a fling for two days, and then cry about it for two years.

Say what? I guess this linked this sad fellow up with my blog after I mentioned that Hubs thought he looked like a d-bag in a photo I posted. Yikes! Well, I hope to finds someone who is right for him!

What’s the weirdest internet search that has brought someone to your blog? Or, what’s the weirdest search you’ve ever done?

I’ll be back later with my cheese-less Lenten adventures!

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One response to ““the one with the hair” aka the weirdest blog search ever!

  1. I don’t know if any weird searches have brought someone to my blog, however I have done some weird searches…like one to find dance studios in Korea. We are moving there soon, and it was weird/annoying because all the websites were in korean! That sounds stupid typing it, like “yeah, of course they would be!!” but it was frustrating!

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