I was ready, when I woke up this morning, to write a post about how I was too sore to write yesterday and tell you all about how a kettle bell owned me.

But then I turned on the news. For me, personally, I’m not comfortable talking about my work outs or how sore I am or about the delicious Thai food I had last night or the awesome dinner company we have coming tonight.

Dear Japan, Hawaii, and the West Coast of the United States, you are in our thoughts and prayers today. Your struggles and pain and the trials of the days ahead are heavy on our hearts.

(Hopefully we’ll be back to regular programming tomorrow.)


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3 responses to “Revisions

  1. 😦 I know – so awful. We have some friends in Hawaii right now vacationing -eek – I just hope everyone stays safe.

    • Awful right! Japan and all the other countries have been in my thoughts and prayers all day.

      @fittingbackin – heard from a friend in HI. Apparently the wave was not as bad as expected but officials are still encouraging people to stay away from the beaches today.

  2. It was a rough weekend, it just really made me want to call everyone and let them know how much I care for them. And how they care for us…we are RIGHT by the ocean in Cali, and my mom called us at 4am on Friday to warn us a storm may be brewing. Thankfully we went through the day without any big scares, but we count ourselves blessed. Cheers to all of our loved ones that make our lives worth it!

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