Re-Thinking Tuesday

No train delays this morning, but lots of computer/network/work  related struggles. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to telework today which is bad news bears since we don’t have a dog walker for today. I spent several hours on the phone with various help desks trying to get my work computer right with life. Oh, and during all of this my delightful little dog decided he should a) run wild and make as much noise possible so I couldn’t hear the person on the phone, b) poop in the middle of the living room, or c) find something valuable to chew on. If you answered D – all of the above, then you would be correct.

By the time I got connected and cleaned up the dog’s destruction, I was officially in a foul mood. Then I spilled coffee on myself. Tuesday, we need to go back to the starting board. So, in an effort to readjust my mental state in regards to Tuesday, here are some things that make me happy:

(When he’s not destroying things, my little dog is pretty sweet.)

Tom and Anna 083
My sweet husband who always takes good care of me.

Ridings Wedding 125
Weddings that devolve into dance parties. (Hubs in the dealer’s hat and Groom Dan in the vest.)

Spring Variety 112
Awesome work travel and delicious eats (Austin, TX).

Spring Variety 164

Holidays 018
Smother hugs!

Okay, see, I’m in a better mood already! How is your Tuesday going?


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2 responses to “Re-Thinking Tuesday

  1. oh man! I hate when the puppers act out – eek!

    Mine’s going okay – work is a bit depressing today but other than that it’s all good.

  2. My Tuesday was good…I worked, studied and am currently laying on my giant couch while watching NCIS and blogging. Life. Is. Good!

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